Center for International Studies (CIS)

The Center for International Studies (CIS) aims to produce, promote and articulate research regarding the issues of international importance. The Centre will be aligned with the faculty of Social Sciences of Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan and will work to facilitate research in the fields specialized by researchers under the flag of CIS. The Centre will encourage the production and synthesis of research that creatively addresses global issues.

The Center of International Studies (CIS) is the first research institution of its kind in South Punjab which is focused at promoting better understanding of the international issues within the academic and student community of Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU). The CIS intends to reconnect the opinion of scholars and students of BZU with the outside world by teaching international issues of special importance to Pakistan.

In addition to that, the Center will help in public opinion, government decisions and the community of BZU scholars on the issues of pressing importance of world politics. The Center’s programs, projects and the individual output of faculty, staff and graduate students will be reflected in research, public outreach and publications of CIS.

Along with this, CIS will be a center of research focusing at the field of social sciences in general and international politics in particular. The Center is designed to make arrangements for research activities by promoting interdisciplinary exchange among visitors, students and faculty across the world. The Center will cater scholars from different backgrounds with specialization in social sciences to fulfil their research needs. In order to achieve this, CIS will invite different scholars across the world, particularly from the developed world. There will be visiting scholars of international stature at the Centre who will participate in seminars held at the CIS and will also deliver lectures to the undergraduate, post graduate students and MPhil/PHD scholars in their areas of expertise.

In addition, the CIS also intends to run training programs on international relations and issues of national importance. The Centre will be further divided into subsections to deal withArea Studies, which will include:

  • American studies
  • Chinese studies
  • Middle eastern studies
  • SouthAsian studies
  • CentralAsian studies
  • Indian studies of strategic significiance


A specialized library will be established to collect resources about different areas of the world such as American Studies, Russian Studies, Eurasian studies, Chinese studies etc. This library will provide material to the researchers on different areas primarily on social sciences.

The collection will include newspapers and research journalsin the field of foreign policy, external relations, political economy, international politics and political science. The collection will not only provide with the teaching material but also will support the research activities for the students of graduate level, post graduate level and MPhill/Phd level.

Research Activities

The research activities of the Centre will cover a vast range of research activities such as individual projects, small research groups and national/international conferences. The research activities will include International Relations, International Political Economy, Security Studies, ComparativePolitics, Regional and Global Studies. These research activities will generate a continuous stream of distinguished visitors to the university, and they contribute to lively international conversation among, scholars, practitioners and students. The CIS will also provide support for a large number of conferences and wide range of seminar series.

Ladies Club

With the formation of a ladies club a warm and friendly atmosphere is created at the campus. This provides a forum to female students to explore their talent and to handle their problems. The Club is functioning under the supervision of a senior teacher. The purpose of this club is to facilitate the foreign students in interacting with local customs and values. This society will help them to interact with the local students and people.

Environmental Protection Club/ Green University Project

This club maintains the membership of the students to create awareness about the environment protection of the region. It also arranges different walks and talks on the issues of the environment in conjunction with different environment protection agencies. It also arranges tree-plantation activities from time to time in the university.

Science Society

A society for science is organized to help students in their problems related to different areas of science. This society promotes students' potential and interest in different areas of science. The society also promotes research activities in different disciplines of science.

Sports Club

This club promotes and regulates sports and games at the campus. The existing facilities include cricket, hockey, and football grounds. Volleyball, basketball, and badminton courts also exist. Students' hostels have ample provision for the indoor games. This society will provide a gymnasium and also build a swimming pool, which is demanded by the students most of the time.

Placement Bureau

The Bureau, functioning under a senior teacher as Director, promotes cooperation between the employment agencies and the University. It contacts various business organizations and government agencies and elicits their help and cooperation in the placement of students. This help may also take the form of financial assistance to poor and deserving students for which philanthropists may also be approached. In return, the University provides technical assistance to these organizations or individuals in solving their developmental and operational problems. During the long vacations, the Bureau arranges for the practical training of desirous students in Industry, Public Corporations and Government Department

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