Updates about ZACHO annual Meeting 2024

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Meeting Summary

Date: May 14, 2024

Venue: ICS Committe Room.

Objective: To assign duties and discuss arrangements for the upcoming Annual Meeting of the Institute of Chemical Sciences (ICS)

Duties Assigned:

- Program Organizing committee : Finalize Formal and informal activities/ performance of students and Invitations for annual alumni meeting. 

- Food, Transport and logistics Committe: (a) Food committee will be supervised by Prof Dr Zahid Shafiq, Dr Saghir Hussain and Dr Naeem Akthar. (b) Transport,  Printing and Purchase will be supervised by Dr Adeel Hussain and Dr Fahmida Jabeen.

Please note that:

- Transportation will only be available after the closing ceremony and dinner.

- The pickup point will be Jinnah Auditorium.

- The drop-off point will be Multan City.

- No transportation will be provided before or during the event.

- Finance Committees: Prof Dr Mazhar Hussain & Dr Naseem Abbas will cordinate with Alumni, BS 2nd and MSc 4th.  Dr Sajid will coordinate with BS 4th, Dr M. Ali BS 6th and Dr Ajaz with BS 8th. PhD and MPhil students will submit registration through their respective supervisors.

(Details of contribution: ICS Faculty Member 5000/-, Alumni 3000/- & Student of ICS 1500/- PKR per head)

- Stalls: Prof Dr Naeem Ashiq, Dr Surryia Manzoor & Dr Mehboob. 

- Discipline & Accommodation: Prof. Dr Naeem Ashiq, Dr Khalid Mahmud,  Dr Muhammad Ashraf and Dr Hafiz Muhammad Asif. 

Note: - The Institute will only book accommodations upon request from guests.

- Guests are responsible for paying for their own accommodations.

- The Institute will not cover accommodation costs or make payments on behalf of guests.

- Guests must settle their accommodation bills directly with the hotel or lodging provider.

If you require assistance with booking accommodations, please contact committe member with your request. We will be happy to help facilitate arrangements, but please note that payment is the responsibility of the guest. 

Contact Information:

- Dr Rehan Gilani rehanhasan99@bzu.edu.pk

- Dr Adeel Hussain  +92 333 9702072

- Dr Naseem Abbas: +92 300 9109435

- Dr Surryia Manzoor : 03484138516

- Dr Hafiz Asif : 03452374988 

- Egnr. Dr Muhammad Ashraf.  +923226126707

By sharing this information, we aim to ensure a well-coordinated and successful Annual Meeting. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to the assigned faculty members. 

P.S. The general body meeting of ZACHO is being scheduled on 21st May 2024 at 5pm in ICS auditorium.

Thank you



Updates about ZACHO annual Meeting 2024
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