Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Dean: Prof. Dr. Omar Farooq Zain

The faculty comprises of the following departments:

Sr. No. Department Name Department Head Name
1 School of Economics Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zahir Faridi
2 Institute of Social Cultural Studies Prof. Dr. Tahir Mahmood
3 Department of Education Prof. Dr. Muhammad Dilshad
4 Department of History and Civilization Studies Dr Turab-ul-Hassan Sargana
5 Department of Gender Studies Dr. Malik Mureed Hussain
6 Pakistan Study Centre Prof. Dr. Javed Akhtar Salyana
7 Department of Geography Mr. Basit Nadeem
8 Department of Political Science Prof. Dr. Syed Shahid Hussain Bukhari
9 Department of International Relations Dr. Mian Tahir Ashraf
10 Institute of Media Communication Studies Prof. Dr. Shahzad Ali
11 Department of Sociology Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad Warraich
12 Department of Applied Psychology Dr. Iram Batool Awan
13 Department of Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies Prof. Dr. Lubna Kanwal
14 Department of Sports Sciences Dr. Muhammad Omer Chaudhry
15 Multan College of Arts Dr. Sophiya Umar
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