Faculty of Engineering  & Technology

Dean: Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali SI TI

In 1975, the Government of the Punjab decided to set up four Engineering Colleges at Taxila, Multan, Faisalabad and Bahawalpur in the same order of priority. In accordance with the decision of the Punjab Cabinet, the first Engineering College initially started functioning at Sahiwal and was later, in 1978, shifted to Taxila as a second campus of the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. Later its status was raised to an independent University of Engineering and Technology. The proposal for the second College of Engineering and Technology at Multan met the approval of the ECNEC in September 1990.

The College of Engineering and Technology was thus established as a Constituent College of the Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan. In 2019 its status upgrated to faculty of Engineering & Technology. Its broad objective is to produce engineers at undergraduate level with Bachelor’s degree in conventional fields of Civil, Building & Architectural, Electrical, Computer, Mechanical, Metallurgy & Materials and Textile Engineering to meet the engineering manpower requirements of the province/country.

The Faculty of Engineering & Technology offers courses leading to the award of 4-Year engineering degree in Civil, Electrical, Building & Architectural, Computer, Mechanical, Metallurgy & Materials and Textile Engineering. The Faculty of Engineering & Technology envisages to provide teaching facilities to more than 1000 students with intake of more than 310 students per year (in all 7 disciplines of Engineering) after the completion of the project. Due to certain spatial, financial and administrative constraints, the College started Civil Engineering Program in 1994. In 1997, Electrical Engineering Program was started. In 2004, three new disciplines namely Building & Architectural Engineering, Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering were launched. Institute of Advanced Materials was established in 2006 and Textile Engineering College was established in Seventy acres of land at the campus of the University has been allocated for the construction of various academic and administrative blocks of the College. The plans of the administrative and academic blocks, with adequate space for class rooms and laboratories have been prepared. Purchase of equipment for laboratories and books for library had already been taken in hand. The construction work of the Civil Engineering Department was completed in January, 1998. The construction work of Electrical Engineering Department was completed in January, 2000 and that of Mechanical Engineering Department was completed in May 2007. The construction work of Computer Engineeting department & Building & Architecture department was compeleted in 26 November 2015. Moreover, the extensions of Civil and Electrical Engineering departments are also completed. The construction of boys hostel to accommodate 600 students, seven residences for teaching staff and twelve residences of other staff have also been completed.

The Faculty of Engineering & Technology (FE&T) excels in innovative teaching and research, in developing practical applications and approaches to problems and areas of study, and in preparing professionals and leaders who will have worldwide influence on technologies and societies.

The highest priority of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FE&T) is to prepare the next generation of engineers to solve technical challenges through imparting world-class education and train students to compete and excel at the national and international level. Let us therefore work together and harder to contribute in building the new prosperous Pakistan.

The faculty comprises of the following departments:

Sr. No. Department Name Department Head Name
1 Department of Building Architectural Engineering Dr. Engr. Sumra Yousuf
2 Department of Mechanical Engineering Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tahir Hassan
3 Department of Computer Engineering Dr. Muhammad Imran Malik (Associate Professor)
4 Department of Civil Engineering Prof. Dr. Engr. Tahir Sultan
5 Department of Electrical Engineering Engr. Dr. Abdul Sattar Malik
6 Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities Dr. Abuzar Abid Siddiqui
7 B. Z. University College of Textile Engineering Engr. Dr. Amir Abbas Sherazi
8 Institute of Advanced Materials Dr. Waheed Ahmad
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