Faculty of Veterinary Sciences

Dean: Prof. Dr. Faqir Muhammad

Dean Message

Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, BahauddinZakariya University, Multan Pakistan was established in 2006. It is the first accredited Veterinary Faculty in Southern Punjab, a highly populated hub of livestock and poultry sector.

The faculty is playing its active role towards animal health and production. All the departments have adequate infrastructure and well equippedlaboratories for undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. A well-established University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Animal Ambulatory Service & satellite clinics are working to cater the needs of large and small animal health care in the region. In addition, faculty has also established experimental livestock and poultryfarms, University Diagnostic Laboratory (UDL) and University Semen Analysis & Cryopreservation Laboratory (USA&CL) equipped with sophisticated Hi-Tech equipment for hands on training of students and to facilitate farmer community.

The FVS has established Lab. Animal House to promote the good use, care, and welfare of the animals for research, teaching and other scientific purposes. For providing optimum environment, housing, space, management and minimized stress to lab animals, this facility is provided with ventilated rooms shelves and cages etc.

The DVM degree program is designed to produce skilled Veterinary graduates. Students undergo a compulsory internship programin final semester envisaging on the professional training in public and private sectors. Departments of the faculty have well established undergraduate labs and veterinary clinics for practical demonstration and hands on training of graduate students to ensure relevance in basic and applied biological sciences through clinical practices.

BSc (Hons.) Poultry Science program has been designed to cater the needs of the poultry industry to produce professionals equipped with basic and applied knowledge of poultry science as per international standards. Poultry industry is the most vibrant segment of livestock sector with considerable contribution in national economy. Its transformation from conventional to Hi-Tech environment controlled housing and management system requires highly skilled manpower. Students of BSc (Hons.) Poultry Science are being trained specifically to meet the requirements of poultry industry in the area of poultry nutrition, housing and management, breeding, genetics, poultry processing, marketing and its waste management. These graduates will be capable to tackle the problems and issues of poultry industry to ensure the growth and development of poultry entrepreneurship.

Faculty has highly qualified, competent and experienced faculty members who are actively involved in capacity building of the students. Passed out graduates from this faculty have shown considerable contribution in their professional life.The excellence in the research and professional aptitude helps to impart technical knowledge and skill development of M.Phil and Ph.D. scholars with multidisciplinary approach to address complex problems of veterinary and biomedical science in their fields. Para-VeterinarySchool, FVS offers 2 years Livestock Assistant Diploma (LAD) course along with other short courses related to animal health and production.The Horse Riding School has also been established to train the students and equestrians in the region.

Faculty Library

The Faculty has a fully air conditioned library. The library contains about 1700 books covering the basic and advanced subjects of Veterinary Sciences including Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Pathology, Parasitology, Epidemiology, Molecular biology, Biotechnology, Poultry production, Animal breeding and Genetics, Livestock management, Animal nutrition, Animal welfare, Theriogenology, Medicine and Surgery. Faculty library is serving as an excellent academic resource to uplift the veterinary education and research by providing latest journals and literature to the students and faculty.

The faculty comprises of the following departments:

Sr. No. Department Name Department Head Name
1 Department of Biosciences Prof. Dr. Faqir Muhammad
2 Department of Pathobiology Dr. Muhammad Raza Hameed
3 Department of Livestock and Poultry Production Dr. Abdul Waheed
4 Department of Clinical Sciences Prof. Dr. Tanveer Ahmad
5 Directorate of Experimental Livestock Farms Dr. Mian Muhammad Awais
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