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Journal of Research (Science)

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Volume 15 No. 4  -  December,2004


Fabrication, Optical Properties and Applications of Undoped Chemical Bath Deposited ZnO Thin Films

F. I. Ezema 

Detection of Intense Meterorological Systems and Their Movement Through Weather Satellite Pictures

Jahanzeb Qureshi, Shaukat Ali Awan and Syed Amer Mahmud 

Study of Bactericidal Activity of Different Soaps Against Salmonella typhi

Kalsoom Farzana, Shazia Batool,Farzana Jabeen and Syed Nisar Hussain Shah

Study of the Optical Properties of ZnTe Thin Films for use in Photovoltaic Cells

M. Tariq Bhatti, M. Ishaq Raza and Anwar Manzoor Rana 

Standardization of Competitive Elisa for Measurement of Antibodies Produced Against Staphylococcus Aureus

Khalil-ur-Rehman, M. Anjum Zia, Bushra Parveen, Shagufta Kamal and M. Arshad

Study of Zinc-Borophosphate Glasses

M. Altaf, M. A. Chaudhry and Kishwar Naz 

Frequency Distribution of Wind Speed of Quetta, Pakistan

Syed Zafar Ilyas, S. M. Nasir and Taleem Badshah 

Pollination Ecology with Special Reference to Insects-A Review

Muhammad Faheem, Muhammad Aslam and Muhammad Razaq 

Histopathological Changes in the Kidney of Common Carp, Cyprinus carpio, Following Nitrate Exposure

Furhan Iqbal, Irfan Zia Qureshi and Muhammad Ali 

Antibiotic Resistance Pattern Against Various Isolates of Staphylococcus Aureus from Milk Products Khoya and Burfi

Kalsoom Farzana, Syed Nisar Hussain Shah, Farzana Jabeen and Shazia Batool

Electrical Conduction in GeO2/BaO Glasses

M. Y. Nadeem, M. F. Wasiq, M. Altaf and M. A. Chaudhry 

Comparative Performance of Brassica napus and Eruca sativa under Water Deficit Conditions: An Assessment of Selection Criteria

Seema Mahmood, Asma Hussain, Zakia Tabassum and Fareeha Kanwal

Comparative Efficacy of Yucca schidigera Extract and Frusemide in Ascites of Broiler Chicks under Field Conditions

Sohail Ejaz, Muhammad Ashraf, Muhammad Athar Khan and Masood Rabbani

Estimation of Wind Power Potential for Pasni, Coast of Baluchistan, Pakistan

Akhlaque Ahmed and Firoz Ahmad 

Study of the Nucleation and Growth of Cesium Iodide and Cesium Chloride on Cesium Iodide Substrate

Jan Muhammad   

Screening of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Cultivars for Saline Conditions under Irrigation Arid Environment

Muhammad Aslam Khan, Nazim Hussain, Muhammad Abid and Tahir Imran