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Journal of Research (Science)

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Volume 16 No. 2  -  October 2005


Nutritional Improvement of Chapatti Using Soy Hulls 

Muhammad Issa Khan, Faqir Muhammad Anjum, Saeed Akhtar

Effects of Environmental Variation on Oil Content and Fatty Acid Composition of Canola Cultivars

Fayyaz-ul-Hassan, Hakoomat Ali, Mumtaz Akhtar Cheema and Abdul Manaf 

Growth and Seed Yield of Carrot as Influenced by Different Regimes  of Nitrogen and Potassium

Muhammad Amjad, Safina Naz and Sultan Ali 

Production of Winter Cereal as Relay Crops by Surface Seeding  in Cotton Based Cropping System

Muhammad Bismillah Khan and Abdul Khaliq

Calculation of Short Range Ordering in Ni-Ti Alloys

Tahir Abbas, R. M. Arif Khalil, A. M. Rana and Mehtab-Ullah 

Effect of Iron and Zinc Fortification on Chemical Composition of Whole Wheat Flour

Saeed Akhtar, Faqir M. Anjum, and Saleem-ur-Rehman

ZnS Thin Films An Overview

M. Y. Nadeem, Waqas Ahmad and M. F. Wasiq