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Semester Rules and Regulations

Copy of the University Semester Rules/ Regulations for the undergraduate and graduate programs can be obtained from the office of the Registrar on payment.

1. Directorate of Students Affairs. This Directorate, headed by a senior teacher as Director, deals with all the matters relating to students’ affairs, including discipline
A Discipline 1) No Student shall:
  1. Utter, do, or propagate, anything repugnant to Islam within and outside the precincts of the University/College.
  2. Say or do anything which might adversely affect the honor and prestige of Pakistan, the University teachers and his/her educational institution;
  3. Smoke in the classroom, laboratory, workshop, library, examination hall and University buses etc.
  4. Form, or associate with an organization/ society/club, or any other body promoting caste distinctions and inciting parochial/ linguistic/regional feelings.
  5. Organize, or hold any function in the University except in accordance with the prescribed rules/regulations.
  6. Collect money or receive donations or pecuniary assistance for or on behalf of the University or any University organization except with the written permission of the Syndicate.
  7. Stage, incite, or participate in a walkout, strike or any other form of agitation which might create or is likely to create law and order problem for the University and affect or is likely to affect its smooth functioning.
  8. Indulge in immoral activities, use indecent language, wear immodest dress, make indecent remarks, jokes or gestures or behave in an improper manner.
  9. Cause disturbance to others.
  10. Keep or carry weapons, narcotics, immoral or subversive literature.
  11. Use insalutary or abusive language or resort to violence against a fellow student or employee of the University.
2) Disciplinary action by the Principal of a Constituent/Affiliated College/Chairperson of the University Teaching Department/ Director of an Institute/Center and the Discipline Committee against the student(s) may be taken in one or more of the following forms depending upon the severity of the offence:
  1. A student may be fined.
  2. A student may be placed on probation for a fixed period, If during the period of probation he/she fails to improve his/her conduct, he/she may be rusticated or expelled.
  3. A student may be suspended from the rolls of a College/Institute/ Center/ Department for a period not exceeding two weeks at a time, excluding the suspension if any, not exceeding 10 days, at one time ordered by the Principal of the College/ Director of the Institute/Center/ Chairperson of the Department/the Discipline Committee (constituted under Statute-11 of the First Statutes) pending inquiry into the misconduct of the student(s).
  4. A Student may be rusticated/ expelled, or asked to withdraw from the College / Institute / Center / Department in the manner hereinafter mentioned.
  5. The following amendment is made vide notification No.Legal/D-1188 dated 22-01- 2020
    1. Expelled from the University Rolls and his/her entries banned in the University with immediate effect
      1. Rusticated.
      2. A fine of Rs.20,000/-
      3. Barred from getting admission in any program of University in future.
      4. Hostel allotment is cancelled and no hostel allotment in future

      1. On probation.
      2. (ii) A fine of Rs.25,000/-
      3. Barred from getting admission in any program of University in future.
      4. Hostel allotment is cancelled and no hostel allotment in future.

      1. He/She will be under observation till the completion of study
      2. A fine of Rs.20,000/- to be paid, immediately.
      3. Barred from getting admission in any program of University in future.
      4. His/Her parents/Guardian will meet the Vice-Chancellor and submit an Affidavit on judicial paper to the effect that his/her Son/Daughter will not create any problem in future, duly attested by First Class Magistrate.
B Regulations Relating to Rustication, Expulsion and Withdrawal
  1. Rustication, whenever imposed on a College/University student, shall always mean the loss of one academic year in so far as his/her Examination are concerned. The period of absence from the College/ University Teaching Department/Institute/ Center will, however, depend upon the time of the year when the penalty is imposed. The student under rustication may at the discretion of the Principal of the College/ Chairperson of the Department / Director of the Institute/Center be permitted to rejoin the class in the same College/Department/ Institute/Center in the beginning of the next academic year
    A rusticated student once re-admitted and again found creating disturbance/ indiscipline, etc. will be expelled from the University.
  2. A Student expelled from a College/ University Teaching Department/Institute/ Center shall not be re-admitted into the same College / Department/Institute/Center or into another College/Department/Institute/ Center without the approval of the Syndicate. Readmission shall in no case be granted before the expiry of one academic year from the date of expulsion
C College / Departmental Council Each College/Institute/Center/Department shall constitute a Council to consider and decide the cases of expulsion, rustication and withdrawal of student(s). The council shall consist of the Principal / Director / Chairman of the College/Institute/Center/ Department and two members of the teaching staff to be nominated by the Principal / Director/ Chairman of whom one shall be the student’s advisor. The Principal/Director/Chairman of the College/Institute/Center/Department shall be Chairman of the Council who may pass such orders as he may deem fit. Other members shall act in an advisory capacity. The Principal/Director/Chairman shall communicate to the Registrar the name of the members of the council in the beginning of every academic year
D Reporting of the Case Cases of rustication and expulsion shall be reported to the University by the Principals/ Chairperson/Directors of the Department concerned for registration and notification. If a case of rustication/expulsion is revised by the Principal/Chairperson/Director of the College/Department/Institute/Center concerned, it shall be reported to the University with reasons for revising the order and brought to the notice of the Syndicate by placing the case on the Agenda.
E Welfare Each Affiliated / Constituent college and University Teaching Department/Institute/ Center shall set up a Welfare Committee in order to be in touch with the students, to deal with their problems and look after their welfare in general. The Committee shall consist of the Principal/Director/Chairperson of the College/Department/Institute/Center and two members of the teaching staff to be nominated by the Principal / Director/ Chairperson concerned of whom one shall be the students’ advisor.
F Code of Honor The following Code of Honor enunciating the basic principles of conduct expected of a student should be propagated through the Principals of the Affiliated College/ Constituent Colleges and the Chairman/ Director of the University Teaching Departments/Institute/Center:
  1. All Students must have faith in and respect for the ideology of Pakistan.
  2. All Students must in matters of religion respect the convictions of others.
  3. Every student is expected to:
    1. Be Loyal to Pakistan;
    2. Obey the Law of the land as well as the Rules & Regulations of the University/ College.
    3. Maintain law and order as well as the dignity and prestige of the University/ College.
    4. Protect the property of the University/ College.
    5. Show due respect to elders, teachers and outside visitors.
    6. Work hard and co-operate in completing the courses of study within the prescribed period.
G Discipline Committee The Discipline Committee constituted under Statute-11 of the first Statutes appended as schedule to the BZU Act, 1975, shall investigate, deal with, hear and punish the following classes of cases of misconduct and indiscipline among the students on the rolls of the University teaching Department / Institute / Center / Constituent College in accordance with the aforementioned Regulations:
  1. Case(s) where the students of more than one department are involved and the case(s) cannot be conveniently dealt with at the level of the Department/ Institute/Center/ Constituent College.
  2. Such other cases as may be referred to the committee by the Vice-Chancellor.
H Appeal
  1. The student(s) who has/have been rusticated/expelled may prefer an appeal with the Chairman Syndicate within 15 days of the date of notification.
  2. If a case of rustication/expulsion/ withdrawal is revised by the Chairman of the Syndicate on the basis of an appeal, it shall be brought to the notice of the Syndicate alongwith reasons for revising the original order.
I Indulgence in Politics Every candidate and his/her parents/guardian shall at the time of admission give an undertaking that he/she shall not indulge in politics, failing which, he/she shall not be allowed admission. And if, after the admission, he/she violates such an undertaking i.e. indulges in politics, he/she shall be expelled from the institution without further notice. The finding with regard to “indulgence in politics” given by the Head of the Institution under his seal and signatures shall be final and shall not be questioned except only before the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
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