B. Z. University Sub-Campus Vehari

Campus Director: Dr. Faiz Bakhsh

Vehari is a city about 100 km from Multan and is the headquarter of Vehari District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is situated at the Multan Delhi Road constructed by Indian Muslim Emperor Sher Shah Suri. Vehari is the centre place for diverse socio-economic life in the region. Vehari district was established in 1976. It is an agricultural region with forests and cotton fields since the Indus Valley Civilization. Vehari District is the result of construction of the Pakpattan canal from Sulemanki Head Works on the Sutlej and the institution of Nili Bar colony project in 1925, so called because of the hints of blue in the water of the Sutlej. Vehari is situated on the western sides of Satluj, the geographical region of “Neeli Bar” which is between Ravi and Satluj. Vehari is on the southern alternate route of railway and road between Multan and Lahore, the capital of the Punjab province. The Vehari route goes to Lahore through the famous religiously renowned city of Pakpattan, where the Sufi Saint Fariduddin Ganjshakar is buried. He was commonly known as “Baba Farid”. Thousands of pilgrims come annually to Pakpattan for the Saint’s Urs celebration, which includes all sorts of festivities. Selection from his work is included in the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh sacred scripture.

The faculty comprises of the following departments:

Sr. No. Department Name Department Head Name
1 Department of Economics (Sub-Campus Vehari) Dr. Faiz Bakhsh
2 Department of Applied Psychology (Sub-Campus Vehari) Dr. Faiz Bakhsh
3 Department of Law (Sub-Campus Vehari) Dr. Faiz Bakhsh
4 Department of Mathematics (Sub-Campus Vehari) Dr. Faiz Bakhsh
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