University Library

Library plays a vital role in the academic life of a university. The fundamental role of the library is educational. It should not be operated as a mere store house of books rather it should be dynamic instrument of education. The Central Library of the university is being organized on these lines. The library collections support not only every course in the curriculum but also include selected stocks of journal, Reference books, Periodicals, Publications and newspaper etc. Most of the departments have their own departmental library situated in their buildings. The total number of books of the Central Library and departmental libraries is approximately 3000000. The library administration is vested in the library committee which is responsible for efficient management of the library system.

The University library is being computerized and online library services through University OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) available through network. Other online resources like Research Catalogue, Peer reviewed Journals, Pakistan Research Repository, IEEE Engineering database, Agricultural Research links and HEC Digital Library access also offer on campus network.

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