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Career Development Centre

In recent years the gap between industry and academia is increasing due to changing requirements of the industry. For a student to be more effective and valuable, the need of soft skills like time management, anger & stress management, communications, self-confidence and many areas in personal development  have is inevitable.. These skills also play very important role in their studies and later in the career. Along these skills they need proper direction, mindset and attitude to be employable.

What is happening that after completing the studies, student acquire these pieces of learning from experience or some rare opportunities of trainings in countless years and after spending a lot of money.

Career Development Centre has been established to facilitate students in jobs and internships by developing liaison with public and Private sectors. A new team has been given the responsibility of CDC. Now CDC is fully functional and also working to strengthen the degree programs with the help of non-formal and informal education. CDC has both long term and short term plans for the current and pass-out students of BZU. There will be  a lot more focus on hard and soft skills as long as this team is running CDC.


Objectives of Career Development Centre

  • Strengthening current degree pragramms through non-formal education.
  • Imparting life skills in students and professionals through informal education and  soft skills trainings.
  • Engr. Amir Riaz, Deputy Director CDC, a certified career counselor and education success coach provides one to one counseling to students for career selection and development.
  • Developing students in their interview skills.
  • Developing and maintaining a placement cell in CDC.
  • Maintaining liaison with Federal/Provincial Public Services Commissions for obtaining material on competitive exams for Civil Services.
  • Inviting top achievers for interaction with students as per Carnaige Mellon University.


CDC Team

Dr. Muhammad Rizwan (Director CDC)
Engr. Amir Riaz (Deputy Director CDC)
Dr. Urooj Pasha (Deputy Director CDC)
Muhammad Saleman Khan (Career Development Officer)

Placement Cell

The cell functioning under Director CDC, promotes cooperation between the employment agencies and the University.
It contacts various business organizations and government agencies and elicits their help and cooperation in the placement of students.
In return, the University provides technical assistance to these organizations or individuals in solving their developmental and operational problems.

During the long vacations, the Bureau arranges for the practical training of desirous students in Industry, Public Corporations and Government Departments.

All the pass out students of BZU send their CVS to Deputy Director CDC, Engr. Amir Riaz at ariaz6569@gmail.com.

JOB and Scholarship Link

CDC has decided to post information regarding jobs and scholarships on BZU website link and also provide necessary guide lines and help in achieving the targets of job and scholarships.    


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