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Department of Bio Sciences

Discipline Established: 2015
Chairman : Prof. Dr. Faqir Muhammad
Contact Email: drfaqirmuhammad@bzu.edu.pk

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Department of Biosciences was established in 2015 under the umbrella of Faculty of Veterinary Sciences. Department is at the core of basic disciplines of DVM; following are five basic sections of department:

  • Anatomy
  • Histology
  • Physiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Biochemistry

Department is engaged in teaching basic courses of these subjects to DVM students. Section of Anatomy and Histology covers the normal body structures and their association between body organs and systems. Section of Biochemistry, Physiology & Pharmacology encompasses study of biochemical reactions, normal body functions, drug composition and properties, their synthesis, dosage design and effect of drugs on biological systems. Department has well equipped labs of each subject and students get opportunity of hands on training with advanced laboratory instruments. Goal of the department is to provide/impart basic knowledge of these disciplines to the students like structural and functional studies at macroscopic and microscopic level (microanatomy, gross anatomy, histology of normal tissues), describing the normal functions of body ultimately providing a way to DVM students to formulate and prescribe drugs for the treatment of different maladies in veterinary practice/profession.

Department Mission
To impart knowledge and skills regarding Anatomy, Histology, Physiology, Pharmacology and Biochemistry applied in clinical studies.

Research activities

      • Detection of pesticides & toxic metal residues from edible tissues.
      • Disposition kinetics of various drugs.
      • Evaluation and comparison of dietary supplements on birds; their gross & histomorphic measurement in various visceral organs.
      • Effect of different level of chromium (III) Nano partials on growth performance, immune parameter antioxidant level and endocrine hormones in heat stress broiler chicken.
      • Comparative efficacy of drug for wound healing in different animal models.
  • Course Name
  • Eligibility Criteria

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