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Department of Clinical Sciences

Discipline Established: 2015
Chairman : Dr. Tanveer Ahmad
Contact Email: tanveeruaf@gmail.com

Faculty Profile: Click Here for Detailed List of Teaching Faculty

Department of Clinical Sciences comprised of following sections

  • Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Theriogenology
  • Epidemiology and Public health

Department of Clinical Sciences is actively involved in teaching, research activates and professional services for general public. In addition, faculty members supervise students training to handle clinical problems in sick animals at university veterinary clinic. The department attends more than 1000 clinical cases per year which come in and around of Multan city. The department has well established small/large animal anesthesia, radiology and ultrasonography units. Obstetrical facilities for farm & pet animals, artificial insemination facility for cattle/ buffalo, ultrasound scanning and a separate animal reproduction lab have also been established. The department also imparts teaching on large and small animal reproduction, infertility problems, obstetrical approaches and post treatment management towards animals. Keeping in view the needs of profession, students are also trained for clinical and surgical judgment, problem based thinking and problem solving skills. The University Veterinary Clinic along with ambulatory service and two outreach clinics have been established to facilitate the livestock farmers at their door step.

Department Mission
To impart knowledge / hands on training to undergraduate students in the fields of Medicine, Surgery, Theriogenology & provide veterinary services to farming community.

Research activities

  • Development of strategies to reduce the calving interval in buffalo
  • Development of suitable protocols for prolonged anesthesia in canines
  • Development of treatment protocol and vaccine to control infectious diseases.
  • Course Name
  • Eligibility Criteria

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