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Department of Political Science

Discipline Established: 1975
Chairman : Dr. Muqarab Akbar
Contact Email: polsc@bzu.edu.pk

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The Department of Political Science came into existence when M.A. Political Science classes, being held at the Government College, Multan since 1963, were shifted to the Bahauddin Zakariya University (then University of Multan) in 1975. The Department started functioning in a rented building at Gulgasht Colony, Multan. It moved to the Language Block (IOL) in 1980 and finally to its present building in 1986.
It is a teaching and research focused department with great ideological and intellectual diversity. The department has potential to meet the needs of changing patterns in the education at global level. It provides teaching and research facilities at M.A, M.Phil, and PhD levels. Highly qualified faculty is imparting quality education to the people at a very low cost. The faculty believes in innovation, modernization and development.
The Department has been playing an important role in overall development of the society. It has introduced certifications, diplomas and degree programs in the other associated disciplines as well. The Journalism (M.A) and International Relations (M.A) have grown up to independent departments. They have been operating with the nomenclature of Department of Communication Studies and Department of International Relations respectively. Both the departments are offering degrees in BS 4year, MA, M Phil and Ph.D.
Keeping in view the national requirement, the faculty took initiative to launch the new Master and M.Phil degree program in the subject of "Governance and Public Policy" with a core curriculum emphasizing practical and applied dimensions of policymaking. The curriculum includes core courses that provide a foundation in subjects ranging from political science, legal and such specific analytic tools and concepts as microeconomic and macroeconomic theory and quantitative methods for policy analysis. The Program is started with effect from the Session 2014-16 on regular in Evening.
The department produced renowned scholars, excellent professional and skilled policy makers, who have developed the national and international profile and serving in various public and private institutes and organizations at national and international level.

The department has a very good library containing more than five thousand books, modern and old manuscripts, a well-equipped computer lab and Seminar hall to cater the needs of students, researchers, scholars, teachers, who to satiate their thirst of knowledge and are interested in dialogs. The department has well-furnished building surrounded by high trees and lush green lawns. The department encourages sports and extracurricular activities.


  • To be the national center of excellence for advanced studies in politics, governance and public policy.
  • Committed to address the emerging challenges confronted by the state, society and humanity.
  • To deliver the best instruction and research in the discipline, capturing its theoretical breadth and its methodological complexities.
  • To be a leading producer of new knowledge in the Faculty of Social Sciences.
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