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Institute of Pure and Applied Biology

Discipline Established: 1984
Pro Vice Chancellor/Director : Prof. Dr. Aleem Ahmad Khan
Contact Email: biology@bzu.edu.pk

Faculty Profile: Click Here for Detailed List of Teaching Faculty

The Institute of Pure and Applied Biology was established in 1984. At present, the Divisions of Botany, Zoology and Microbiology are functioning. Divisions of Genetics and Environmental Sciences are expected to be added in future. The faculty of the Institute includes highly qualified teachers who are involved in several research projects.

The Institute, at present, is offering several academic programs which include BS (4-Year) in botany, zoology and microbiology; M. Sc. (2-Years), MS/M.Phil (2-Years) and PhD in the subjects of botany and zoology. The medium of instruction is English. The Institute enjoys good reputation of producing quality research of international standard. Efforts are being made to further enhance research activity in the Institute through various research grants/projects financed by the Government/autonomous bodies e.g. PSF; HEC, PARC, TWAS (Italy) etc. The Institute also shares its research activity with other leading scientific institutions within the country and abroad through collaborative research programs.

Teaching laboratories in the Institute are reasonably equipped with scientific equipment. An adequate collection of textbooks, reference books and research journals is available in the Library of the Institute covering various disciplines of Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Genetics, Fisheries, Wildlife, Animal & Plant Pathology and Freshwater Biology. These books are also available to the students from Book Bank of the University on loan basis. The computer lab. of the institute is equiped with latest computers and high speed internet facility.

Botany Division

The Botany Division started functioning in 1984. This Division is located in the Biology Building. The programs of studies BS (4 year), M.Sc., M.Phil and Ph.D. degrees in the subject of Botany are being offered. The Division has the facilities of air-conditioned green house, wire-netting houses, and experimental plots in the Botanical Garden for research/practical purposes. A study of plant life in different areas of Pakistan, especially in the Northern Regions, is important part of Botany Program. The graduates are employed in Education, Agriculture, Forest Department and Research Organizations.

Zoology Division

The Zoology Division started functioning in 1987. This Division is located in the Biology Building. BS (4-Year), M.Sc., M.Phil and Ph.D degree programs in the subject of Zoology are being offered. The study tours are also organized for the students to collect fauna from different areas of Pakistan as a requirement of their studies. The Division has established a museum and an animal house for study and research purposes. Environmental Biology, Fisheries, Wildlife, Limnology, Entomology,Ornithology and Parasitology are the main fields of research. The students completing studies from this department will have an awareness of the animal diversity, strategies to increase meat (fish and live stock), milk and wool production, recent parasitic and pest control programs, Sericulture and Honey Bee Farming. The graduates of the Division are accepted in Agriculture, Fisheries, Wildlife, Plant Protection, PARC, Education Department and Universities.

Microbiology Division

Microbiology division is being activated this year (2014). This division is located in the biology building. Program of study BS (4-Year) is being offered. The division has dedicated bacterial culture facility along with chemical/molecular biological facilities to identify different microorganisms. Basic molecular virology facility is also available. Future research projects of the division may include but not limited to bioproduction, microbial contaminants of food, antimicrobial resistance, applications of phages in microbial control and development of viral vectors for gene delivery. Graduates of the division will be accepted in food industry, pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions and govt. regulatory agencies.�

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