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Multan College of Arts

Discipline Established: 2003
Principal : Dr. Sophiya Umar
Contact Email: mca@bzu.edu.pk

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Multan and its surrounding area is very rich with its ancient and magnificent traditions in art, architecture and music. Thus, it was a demand of time that this region must have an institution of arts which should preserve and continue the stupendous history of art, architecture and music of the soil. Consequently, Multan College of Arts was established in September 2003 and offered a program of MA Fine Arts. In 2004 two more programs, 4-year professional courses of Bachelor Fine Arts (BFA) and Bachelor of Design (B. Des) were also offered. These program are running under semester system. These programs are running under semester system. At the end of 2004, the section of Musicology was also lodged in the College.

A package of latest course to train the students in the skills of painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, and computer based design, photography or film making has been developed to equip the students with the modern techniques and concepts in the field of Fine Arts. Thus, MCA becomes the most unique and stupendous institution of art in this region.

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