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Faculty of Veterinary Sciences

Discipline Established: 2006
Dean : Prof. Dr. Masood Akhtar
Contact Email: veterinary@bzu.edu.pk

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Dean's Message

Welcome to the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, Bahauddin Zakariya University (FVS-BZU), Multan, Pakistan. I am honored to serve as Dean of the faculty with all my efforts to uplift the veterinary medical education, community outreach activities, extension services and research in animal health care system. According to the Economic Survey of Pakistan 2019-20, the livestock sector contribution to the agricultural and national GDPs is 60.56% and 11.69%, respectively with the engagement of more than eight million rural families in this sector for their livelihood. In this scenario, the FVS-BZU is serving the livestock and poultry industry by producing trained manpower, diagnostic, consultancy, advisory and clinical services in South Punjab “a hub of livestock”. The FVS-BZU is accredited with Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council (PVMC) and has extensive and strong infrastructure for the diversified veterinary education. Our outstanding facilitates like Veterinary Teaching Hospital, University Diagnostic Laboratory (UDL), University Semen Analysis and Cryopreservation Laboratory (USA&CL), Hi-Tech Laboratory, Feed Milling Unit, Experimental Livestock Farms, Environment Control Poultry House and Animal Ambulatory Services, are instrumental for the training of our graduates with latest technologies which make them successful in professional life. Our administrative team and faculty never forget the academic excellence and focus on developing exceptional veterinarians, poultry scientists and para-vets. The FVS-BZU is imparting quality veterinary education, training and developing entrepreneurship skills among the students for employment in the livestock & poultry sector. The graduates of FVS-BZU proved themselves excellent in various fields, both in public and private sectors, including Veterinary Hospitals, Disease Diagnostic Labs, Breeding Unit, Livestock Farms, Extension Services, Livestock & Poultry industry, Armed Forces (RVFC), Rangers and Entrepreneurship. In short, the DVM and BSc (Hons.) Poultry Science are unique professional fields in which a graduate can choose any or all domestic animals to become a specialist and build an exciting career. Thank you for taking interest in our DVM and BSc (Hons.) Poultry Science and other postgraduate degree and diploma programs offered by FVS-BZU.

Academic programs: D.V.M (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine); 5-year composite degree program accredited by Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council (PVMC) Govt. of Pakistan.
Curricula: Approved by PVMCand HEC
Enrolment/ Seats: Chart at the end


Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan-Pakistan was established in 2006. It is the first accredited Veterinary Faculty in Southern Punjab,a highly populated emerging hub of livestock and poultry sector. Faculty comprises of four departments:

Department of Pathobiology
Department of Biosciences
Department of Clinical Sciences
Department of Livestock & Poultry Production

The faculty is playing its active role towards animal health and production. All the departments have adequate infrastructure and well-equipped laboratories for undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. A well-established University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Animal Ambulatory Service & satellite clinics are working to cater the needs of large and small animal health care in the region. In addition, faculty has also established experimental livestock and poultry farms, University Diagnostic Laboratory (UDL) and University Semen Analysis & Cryopreservation Laboratory (USA & CL) equipped with sophisticated Hi-Tech equipment for hands on training of students and to facilitate farmer community.

The FVS has established Lab. Animal House to promote the good use, care, and welfare of the animals for research, teaching and other scientific purposes. For providing optimum environment, housing, space, management and minimized stress to lab animals, this facility is provided with ventilated rooms shelves and cages etc.

The DVM degree program is designed to produce skilled Veterinary graduates. Students undergo a compulsory internship program in final semester envisaging on the professional training in public and private sectors. Departments of the faculty have well established undergraduate labs and veterinary clinics for practical demonstration and hands on training of graduate students to ensure relevance in basic and applied biological sciences through clinical practices.

BSc (Hons.) Poultry Science program has been designed to cater the needs of the poultry industry to produce professionals equipped with basic and applied knowledge of poultry science as per international standards. Poultry industry is the most vibrant segment of livestock sector with considerable contribution in national economy. Its transformation from conventional to Hi-Tech environment-controlled housing and management system requires highly skilled manpower. Students of BSc (Hons.) Poultry Science are being trained specifically to meet the requirements of poultry industry in the area of poultry nutrition, housing and management, breeding, genetics, poultry processing, marketing and its waste management. These graduates will be capable to tackle the problems and issues of poultry industry to ensure the growth and development of poultry entrepreneurship. Faculty has highly qualified, competent and experienced faculty members who are actively involved in capacity building of the students. Passed out graduates from this faculty have shown considerable contribution in their professional life. The excellence in the research and professional aptitude helps to impart technical knowledge and skill development of M.Phil and Ph.D. scholars with multidisciplinary approach to address complex problems of veterinary and biomedical science in their fields. Para-Veterinary School, FVS offers 2 years Livestock Assistant Diploma (LAD) course along with other short courses related to animal health and production. The Horse Riding School has also been established to train the students and equestrians in the region.


Striving to produce quality veterinarian and to meet the emerging demands of veterinary.


To produce professionally skilled man power for sorting and solving husbandry & health problems of livestock and poultry industry to coop up national and international needs.
To improve the status in multidisciplinary fields of animal sciences and to set innovative trends in veterinary profession.
To strengthen the linkages between the professionals and stake holders by effective technology transfer.

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