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Institute of Advanced Materials

Discipline Established: 2006
Director : Prof. Dr. Engr. Waheed Qamar Khan
Contact Email: iams@bzu.edu.pk
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The Institute of Advanced Materials has been established at the Bahauddin Zakariya University , Multan under the auspicious support of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan .

It is targeted for international renounce in research and teaching in advanced materials engineering and technology. This will also serve as University's nodal centre for fostering interdisciplinary teaching and research in the field of metallurgical and materials engineering. Primarily, the Institute has got nine core-faculty positions which are expected to increase during coming years. In addition, a large number of faculty members from sister departments/institutes will be actively involved in the teaching and research activities of the institute.   

Academic Programs:

Initially the Institute is offering a 4 years Bachelor program in Metallurgy & Materials Engineering with a planned intake of 35 students. M.S / M. Phil programmes are planned for academic year starting from September 2008. The rigorous training offered at the institute will enable the graduates to earn employment in premier national & international R&D organizations, industry and teaching institutions. During studentship at the Institute, the instructional tours to the industry, academia and research organizations will also help the students to relate their theoretical learning with practicalities in the field. The Institute is also actively pursuing to initiate a Ph.D degree program in Materials Engineering in coming years.  


The institute is housed in a spacious purposely built building at the main campus of BZU. It houses accommodation for faculty offices, supporting staff offices and lecture rooms. In addition to this a well designed library filled with approximately eight hundreds books in the field of advanced materials will support the students in their academics.

The hall mark of the building is existence of purposely built labs provided with latest equipment for various academic and research activities.

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