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Agriculture Business & Marketing

Discipline Established:
: Dr. Shakeel Ahmad
Contact Email: shakeelahmad@bzu.edu.pk

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The Department of Agriculture Business & Marketing (ABM) was established among the 10 departments within the establishment of an independent Faculty with the title “Faculty of Agricultural Sciences & Technology” in 2012. ABM is a component of agriculture and related industries, Food and Natural Resources Pathways in Horticulture, Agricultural Mechanics & Technology, and Plant & Animal Systems. Therefore, it is an integral part of the faculty. The Department has started BS program in ABM during 2014-15 and is also planning to offer MS & PhD programs from 2023-24.

Mission Statement

To transform the traditional agri-culture into agri- business by creating employment opportunities and contributing to poverty alleviation through agriculture value chain development.


Our vision is to be a driving force in the agriculture industry, fostering sustainable economic practices, empowering stakeholders, and fueling economic growth. We aspire to lead the way in transforming agriculture into a dynamic and resilient sector that enhances livelihoods, promotes environmental stewardship, and ensures food security for all.

Academic Programs

The courses within the department of ABM are designed for the student who plans to seek employment on, manage, or owns a farm; or seek employment in an agribusiness field. Students will be involved in learning activities that generally prepare them to apply the economic and business principles involved in the organization, operation, and management of the farm, ranch, or agribusiness. Typical instructional activities include hands-on experiences with applying modern economic and business principles involved in the organization, operation, and management of agricultural businesses including the production and marketing of agricultural products and services; applying computer application models; participating in personal and community leadership development activities; planning and implementing a relevant academic-industry transition experience.
The department of ABM is offering the following degree programs:
1. BS Agri. Business & Marketing
2. MS Agri. Business & Marketing
3. PhD Agri. Business & Marketing

All these programs are being offered after fulfilling the conditions, criteria, and policies duly approved by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Islamabad, Departmental Board of Studies, Board of Faculty, Advanced Studies & Research Board, Academic Council, Syndicate, and Senate of the University.

Agricultural Consulting Services

Thedepartment offers specialized consulting services to farmers, agribusinesses, & industry stakeholders. These services provide valuable insights, strategic guidance, & tailored solutions to enhance operational efficiency, optimize production, & maximize profitability.

Policy Development & Advocacy:

Thedepartment actively engages in policy development, collaborating with government bodies, industry associations, & research institutions to shape agricultural policies that support sustainable practices, stimulate innovation, & create a favorable business environment for the agriculture sector.

Research & Development::

The department conducts cutting-edge research & development initiatives to advance agricultural practices, improve crop yields, & promote sustainable farming techniques. It collaborates with academic institutions, scientists, & experts to generate knowledge, innovation, & evidence-based solutions for the industry.

Capacity Building & Training Programs::

The department provides comprehensive training programs, workshops, & capacity-building initiatives to equip farmers, agribusiness professionals, & entrepreneurs with the necessary skills, knowledge, & tools to succeed in the agriculture industry. These programs cover areas such as business management, financial planning, market analysis, & sustainable farming practices.

Market Analysis & Intelligence::

The departmentoffers market analysis & intelligence services to help farmers & agribusinesses make informed decisions regarding market trends, consumer preferences, & investment opportunities. It provides data-driven insights & actionable information to optimize market positioning, identify potential growth areas, & mitigate risks.

Entrepreneurship Support:

The departmentfacilitates entrepreneurship support programs, incubators, & accelerators for aspiring agricultural entrepreneurs. It offers guidance, mentorship, & access to networks & resources to nurture innovative startups & foster a culture of entrepreneurship within the agriculture industry.

Industry Collaboration & Partnerships:

The department actively collaborates with industry stakeholders, including farmers' organizations, cooperatives, private enterprises, & non-profit organizations, to foster mutually beneficial partnerships. It drives collective action, leverage resources, & addresses common challenges to achieve sustainable agricultural development.

Sustainable Agriculture Initiatives:

The department leads & supports initiatives focused on promoting sustainable agriculture practices, such as organic farming, agroforestry, soil health management, water conservation, & biodiversity conservation. It educates stakeholders, disseminates best practices, & adoption of environmentally friendly approaches to farming.

Market Development & Trade Promotion:.

The department plays a role in facilitating market development & trade promotion activities for agricultural products. It explores domestic & international market opportunities, conducts market assessments, & assists farmers & agribusinesses in accessing new markets, enhancing export competitiveness, & complying with international trade standards.

Agricultural Extension Services:.

The department provides agricultural extension services, delivering information, training, & technical support directly to farmers & rural communities. These services aim to enhance agricultural productivity, improve farming practices, & empower farmers with knowledge & skills to adapt to changing conditions & emerging challenges.

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