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Department of Biochemistry

Discipline Established: 2012
Chairperson : Dr. Noreen Samad
Contact Email: noreen.samad@bzu.edu.pk

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The Department of Biochemistry Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan has always been committed to maintain a symbiotic relationship of teaching and research. It offers a wide range of courses recognizing traditional values in the discipline yet reflecting its dynamic shape. It is worth to say that Department of Biochemistry now has been shifted to its own newly constructed ,vast building, fully equipped and decorated with all essentials requirements , that will provide a platform to the students for their better learning and understanding the practical works under the umbrella of a single roof. BS (4-Year), MSc, MPhil/MS and PhD programs are being offered. Curricula have been developed under the guidelines of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan to cover all the recent areas of Biochemistry.

The Department of Biochemistry has been established in August 2012 with the approval of the concerned University Authorities. Although Biochemistry section was working since 1975 under the umbrella of the Department of Chemistry, yet it has now been given independent identity. A large number of students have got their MSc, MPhil and PhD degrees in Chemistry with specialization in Biochemistry. Several students have completed their theses of research in Biochemistry.

Chairperson Message
Welcome to the Department of Biochemistry, Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan! We thank you for visiting us in person or through our site. Since the inception of the Department during the last couple of years the Department has never looked back and has been strengthened with the introduction of new courses and programs. Science on the interface of Chemistry and Biology has become much more exciting than ever before and a new era is dawning in the life sciences. With our ever-expanding knowledge of living organism from the most fundamental machinery of the cell to the most complex ecosystems, life scientists are seeking answers to vital questions including how to prevent and treat life-threatening diseases. Our students are receiving tough, multidisciplinary training in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology that they need to embark on successful careers in science, industry and academia. We envision the Department as a spearhead of excellence in teaching, high quality research and community service.
Join us and help us be part of the history we mean to make!

Dr. Noreen Samad
Chairperson Department of Biochemistry

Admissions are conducted by the admission committee of the Department according to the criteria laid down by the University.

Admission Committee

  • Dr. Noreen Samad (Chairperson)
  • Dr. Batool Fatima (Member)
  • Dr. Mohibullah Shah (Member)
  • Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim (Member)
  • Dr. Haq Nawaz (Secretary)

  • Course Name
  • Eligibility Criteria

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