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Department of Civil Engineering

Discipline Established:
Prof. Dr. Engr. Tahir Sultan :
Contact Email: tahirsultan@bzu.edu.pk

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Civil Engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of the built environment, including works such as building, bridges, flyovers, underpasses, roads, railway tracks, airports, docks and harbors, factories, dams, barrages, canals, water supply schemes and sewerage systems etc.
The Department of Civil Engineering is the oldest department of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan that laid the foundation of engineering education in Southern Punjab by offering B.Sc. Civil Engineering program in 1993. Currently it has an enrollment of over 160 in Bachelor and 60 in Postgraduate Level. The department has a strong alumnai contrubution in national and regional development.

The Department of Civil Engineering is dedicated to produce quality professional engineers with abilities to design, manage and operate Civil Engineering based fields. Experienced and highly qualified dedicated faculty, state of the art laboratories, well equipped class rooms, excellent book bank in library, Facility of digital library and allied facilities.

The Department of Civil Engineering endeavors to provide the latest Outcomes Based Education (OBE) system so that graduates can contribute towards betterment of the society in professional and ethical manners.
Civil Engineering Graduates of FE&T,B.Z.U Multan has sufficient opportunities of getting jobs in various government/private departments. In the bachelor degree courses emphasis is laid on the fundamental concepts and principles, which constitute the basis of civil engineering. To enhance their creative abilities, the students are assigned projects on design, analysis, construction and laboratory investigation. The classroom and laboratory work is supplemented with instructional tours to acquaint the students with the civil engineering projects. Final year project and with survey camps where they plan and execute surveys of large areas.
The department is also offering PhD Program in Civli Engineering and M.Sc Programs in Hydraulics and Irrigation Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Structural Engineering. The department also offers services in laboratory and field-testing of civil engineering projects for quality assurance.

Vision of the University:
“The University is expected to be immensely innovative in fostering world-class research and becoming a vital agent for the regional development”.

Mission of the University:
“We aspire to be innovative in fostering world class excellence in diverse academic disciplines developing into a vital player gathering knowledge and conduct research to benefit people of Pakistan in particular, regional countries in general and world at large”

Mission of the Program:
“To impart high quality knowledge while focusing on research and innovation in Civil Engineering to make students competitive, co-operative, and prepare them to lead for challenging industrial problems encountered in socioeconomic development of the modern society”

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) of the Program:
Qualities and Potential that the graduated students are hoped to exhibit in the years after their graduation are called Program Educational Objectives (PEOs). These directly correlate to the program mission and are obtained with all stakeholders along with University and Institute missions
Following are the Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) for B.Sc. Civil Engineering Program of the Department of Civil Engineering, BZU Multan

PEO-1: Demonstrate significant knowledge and skills in the field of Civil Engineering at national and international level
PEO-2: Build efficient team work and inter personal skills.
PEO-3: Engage in professional practice maintaining ethical, social and environmental needs.
PEO-4: Continue professional growth through broadening their spectrum of knowledge.

The PEOs accompanying the institute’s Vision and Mission statement are well-publicized and available in the prospectus, notice board of the department, as a poster in the corridor of the department, and on University Web Site of the given link: https://www.bzu.edu.pk/v2_department.php?cid=48
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