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Self Assessment Program Teams - DQE

Following program teams and focal points have been nominated by the respective chairpersons of the departments:

Department of Commerce

Dr. Rehana Kausar, Assistant Professor
Mr. Asif Yaseen, Lecturer
Ms. Neelam Ali, Lecturer

Department of Physics

Prof. Dr. M. Ashraf Chaudhry
Prof. Dr. Tahir Abbas
Prof. Dr. Younus Nadeem
Prof Dr. Ejaz Ahmad
Prof. Dr. Mazhar-ud-Din Rana

Institute of Management Sciences

Prof. Dr. Hayat Muhammad Awan
Dr. Muhammad Azeem Qureshi
Mr. M. Nauman Abbasi
Syed Khurram Shahzad

Department of Applied Psychology

Dr. Sarwat Sultan
Ms. Hina Ahmad Hashmi
Mr. Omer Khan

Institute of Advanced Materials

Engr. Waheed Qamar Khan
Engr. Sidra Zahid
Engr. Tanveer Ahmad Tabish

Institute of Pure & Applied Biology

Dr. Habib ur Rehman Athar
Dr. Ghazala Butt
Ms. Shehzadi Saima

Centre for Advanced Studies in Pure & Applied Mathematics

Dr. Khalid Saifullah
Dr. Imran Javed
Dr. Muhammad Asif

English Language Centre

Ms. Sana Imtiaz
Ms. Qindeel Jaffri
Ms. Rauha Salam

Department of Urdu

Dr. Qazi Abdul Rehman Abid
Dr. Muhammad Mumtaz Khan Kalyani
Dr. Muhammad Asif

Program Teams (New)

Faculty of Veterinary Sciences

Dr. Atif Nisar, Assistant Professor
Dr. Mazhar Ayaz, Assistant Professor
Dr. Mubasher Rauf, Assistant Professor

B.Z University Gillani Law College

Mr. Javed Iqbal Joyia, Lecturer
Ch. M. Arshad Sabir, Lecturer
Syed Omer Farooq, Lecturer

Department of Mass Communication

Mr. Tahir Mahmood, Lecturer
Ms. Aqsa Iram Shahzadi, Lecturer

Department of Education

Mr. Khalid Khurshid, Assistant Professor
Ms. Iram Gul Gillani, Assistant Professor
Ms. Zahida Aziz Sial, Assistant Professor

Department of Statistics

Dr. Muhammad Aman Ullah, Professor
Dr. Muhammad Aslam, Assistant Professor
Mr. Atif Akbar, Lecturer

Multan College of Arts

Mr. Shehzad Akhtar, Assistant Professor
Mr. Azam Jamal, Lecturer
Mrs. Shagufta Riaz, Lecturer

Institute of Biotechnology

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali, Professor/Director
Dr. Muhammad Babar, Assistant Professor
Dr. Rehan Sadiq Sheikh, Assistant Professor

Department of Information Technology

Dr. Maruf Pasha, Assistant Professor/Teacher Incharge
Mr. Ahsan Raza, Lecturer

Department of Computer Science

Dr. Qaisar Rasool Azeemi, Assistant Professor/Teacher Incharge
Dr. Minhaj Ahmad Khan, Assistant Professor

Department of Telecommunication Systems

Engr. Mudassir Rahim, Lecturer
Mr. Taimoor Hassan Jabbar, Lecturer
Engr. Muhammad Zulfiqar, Lecturer

Department of Philosophy

Mr. Waqar Aslam, Lecturer

Department of History

Mrs. Farheen Altaf, Lecturer
Mr. Rehan Iqbal, Lecturer
Mr. Muhammad Yasir Ali, Lecturer

Department of Pakistan Studies

Ms. Khadija Naheed, Assistant Professor
Dr. Lubna Kanwal, Assistant Professor




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