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    Two Days International Conference - Madrasa Education in Pakistan

    Posted on: December 26, 2014 in Events category

    Call for Papers

    Madrasa Education in Pakistan

    Tradition and Transition

    A two-day International Conference 30-31 March 2015

    To be held at Department of Islamic Studies,

     Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan


    Madrasa education has a rich history and tradition across the Muslim world since the early period of Islam. The curriculum of Madrasa education seems holistic and diverse in pre-Modern period, whereas, the modern Madrasa education is more systematic and focused on the traditional religious aspects. On the basis of this assumption, it is often argued that the present-day Madrasa education is inflexible and, to some extent, illogical due to lack of rational sciences. The state of affairs of the Madrasa education in Pakistan is considered more complex and assorted. A large number of madrasas has been established during the last few decades which show the need and reception of Madrasa education in Pakistani society. Contrary to the above-stated assumption, reform in Madras education is a constant feature in the perspective of Pakistani Madrasas. They introduced modern subjects, such as English, social science and basics of natural sciences in the existing curriculum that expresses their commitment to establish the Madrasa as a leading institution for preservation and production of religious knowledge along with the modern education. The Department of Islamic Studies is keen to work critically on Madrasa education. Recently a “Madrasa Teacher Training Course” was launched by the Department with collaboration of Peace and Education Foundation, Islamabad. More than one hundred teachers of the leading Madrasas of Multan, participated in the course. It is observed that most of the teachers were of the view to reform the Madrasa education according to the contemporary requirements.

    This two day conference investigates various aspects of Madrasa education in Pakistan. The conference aims to provide platform for researchers of various institutions to present their ideas by identifying and comparing the pattern of change and other issue of contemporary Madrasa education. The central themes of the conference are as follows:

    • The role of the present-day Madrasa in the historical perspectives.
    • Madrasa curriculum and different patterns of reform.
    • Extra Curricula patterns of education in Pakistani Madrasas.
    • Madrasa Education and inter cultural and cross cultural social mobilization. 
    • The role of Madrasas as custodian of religion.
    • A discourse of tradition and modernity in the context of Madrasa education.
    • Peace and conflict in Pakistan and Madrasa Education.
    • Any other relevant to the theme of conference.

    We welcome proposals for the paper on the conference themes both from experts and early career researchers.  Abstracts of 200 hundred words should be sent to Prof. Dr. Saeed-ur-Rahman (saeedurrehman@bzu.edu.pk) or Dr. Ghulam Shams-ur-Rehman (shams@bzu.edu.pk) by 12th February, 2015. The notification of accepted proposal will be issued on 19th February, 2015.

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