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    Lists of Eligible & Ineligible applicants for the posts of Admin officers

    Posted on: April 15, 2015 in Misc. News category

    After careful scrutiny by the office in accordance with the following advertised qualification/requirements and approved criteria for security/determine the eligibility of the applicants:- 


    1.    He is graduate with ten year office experience. 
    2.    Not more than 40 years for those who are not currently serving in any organization. Candidates already in service of Government/Semi-Government Department/ Autonomous Body/Corporations must apply through proper channel (the age limit will not apply on such cases)  


    “Experience of the Govt. /Semi Govt./Autonomies bodies, Corporations and reputed organizations considered after graduation”.

    • Eligible applicants:            109
    • Ineligible applicants:          493

    If, any applicant has any objection against his/her ineligibility s/he may appeal to the Registrar in writing within 15-days from the display of list at website (16th to 30th April, 2015). After last date i.e. 30th April, 2015 no appeal will be considered.      


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