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    Schedule of Distribution of Laptops for PMNLS Phase 3

    Posted on: May 20, 2017 in Misc. News category

    The distribution of Laptops (PMNLS Phase 3) is going to be held from 23-25 May at Jinnah Auditorium from 11 AM to 4 PM.
    A formal ceremony is scheduled at IMS Executive hall at 10 AM to 11 AM on 23rd May for selected students only (M.Phil & Ph.D. Only). 
    Please read the instructions carefully:
    1. No laptop will be issued without the presence of  focal person.
    2. Only focal person can verify the student on pass. Pass signed by any other faculty member will not be entertained. 
    3. Affidavit on stamp paper is compulsory for every student. Incomplete affidavit will not be entertained. 
    4. Sample affidavit is attached. Only chairman can verify the stamp paper in case of BS/MA/MSc verification.
    5. Verification of CGPA and Year of Study will also be done on the time of distribution.
    6.  Any student with incomplete/Incorrect/unclear documents will not be entertained. In this case he/she will be considered as pending.
    7. Please communicate to all selected students that if the data of result sheet of department and HEC list found different, then laptop will not be awarded and case will be considered as pending. 

      Download Affidavit


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