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    Public Awareness Campaign to Combat Corona Virus

    Posted on: February 12, 2020 in Misc. News category



    Guidelines for Prevention of Novel Corona Virus (2019-nCoV)

    The following guidelines aims at providing necessary guidance to the management of universities and degree awarding institutions for prevention and management 2019-nCoV. All higher education institutions are expected to understand, institute appropriate measures and carefully monitor implementation of the protectionist measures listed hereunder:


    1. There is mounting public concern regarding the threat of the Novel Coronavirus. In Pakistan, there are currently no confirmed cases of this disease. However, it is important to establish prudential measures right away, especially at educational institutions, which bring together large numbers of persons on a daily basis.
    2. The Health Ministry has compiled the latest information in a variety of formats, including pamphlets, videos, and technical documents, both directly and through its website. Some of the materials are attached here. For more information, please visit the Ministry’s website (www.nhsrc.hov.pk). This information will also be shared through the HEC website.
    3. In order to channel this information as rapidly as possible, HEC has appointed Mr. Awais Ahmed, Director General (A&C) [awahmad@hec.gov.pk 0332-5182426 +92 51 90401600-01] as the focal point on the Novel Coronavirus. He will lead a working group comprised of Mr. Azhar Latif, DG Services, [azlatif@hec.gov.pk 0333-5181118 +92 51 90401501] and the heads of HEC’s Regional Centres.
    4. All universities are requested to appoint a focal point, who will receive information and advice on this matter, and coordinate response activities on campuses. The Focal Points could similarly be assisted by working groups comprising of officers responsible for health, student relations, security, and residential facilities.
    5. The university administration should take proactive measures to inform campus communities about the virus as well as protectionist measures. This should be done through the website, social media, campus notifications, posters, and specially-arranged information sessions.
    6. While the Ministry provides advice on a range of issues, two of them need to be highlighted for awareness purposes.
    7. SYMPTOMS: the symptoms of the Novel Coronavirus include fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing. Anyone displaying these symptoms should seek medical attention as quickly as possible. An exacerbating factor is contact with someone who may have traveled to China recently. ACTION: University officials should ensure that anyone displaying such symptoms receives prompt medical attention. SOPs for handling potential cases have been laid out in the Health Ministry’s Guidelines for Clinical Care and Prevention, dated 1st February 2020”
    8. PREVENTION: the Ministry recommends the following prevention measures:
      1. Wash hands thoroughly and often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Make sure you are cleaning between your fingers and under your nails. If soap and water are not available, an antiseptic hand sanitizer can be used.
      2. Avoid shaking hands, especially with those who appear to be ill.
      3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth as much as possible.
      4. Disinfect shared surfaces.
      5. Stay at home if you are sick. More generally, avoid coming into contact with people when you are sick.
      6. Managers responsible for common areas (e.g., hostels, cafeterias, common rooms, libraries, and labs, including cafeterias, kitchens, common rooms, toilets, buses, etc.) “should strictly enforce cleanliness and hygienic measures, and ensure that all flat surfaces, door handles, and items of public use are wiped regularly”
    9. Regularly visit the following links for WHO updates and guidance on 2019-nCoV:
      1. https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019
      2. https://www.who.int/news-room/q-a-detail/q-a-coronaviruses



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