Department of Building Architectural Engineering

Head of Department: Dr. Engr. Sumra Yousuf


  Prof. Dr. Engr. Tanveer Ahmed Khan Professor
  Dr. Engr. SumraYousuf Assistant Professor
  Engr. Syed Shahid Ali Bukhari Assistant Professor
  Engr. Beenish Jamil Assistant Professor
  Engr. Nosheen Baloch Assistant Professor
  Engr. UmbrinShahid Lecturer
  Engr. Sunera Imtiaz Lecturer
  Engr. Kamran Shabbir Lecturer
  Engr. Yousaf Raza Taseer Lecturer
  Engr. Waqas Ahmad Lecturer
  Engr. Shimza Jamil Lecturer


The Department of Building & Architectural Engineering was established in Baha Ud-din Zakariya University in 2004. Initially it offered 5-year BSc Building & Architectural Engineering Program. However, in 2009, the program duration was reduced to 4-year to comply with the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) requirements. Since then the department is offering 4-year BSc program in Building & Architectural Engineering.

The Building & Architectural Engineering program is a blend of Architecture and Civil Engineering with emphasis to impart quality education to the students and prepare them for the building industry of Pakistan. The graduates of our department are working in various national and international organizations. The curriculum of the program is designed to equip the graduates with architectural design, building structural design, building services design (e.g. HVAC systems, electrical systems in buildings, lighting & illumination, fire safety, acoustics and plumbing) with strong knowledge of construction materials, construction techniques, construction management and conservation of heritage buildings.

Programs Offered

The following programs are being offered:

B.Sc. Building & Architecture Engineering

Undergraduate Program
An applicant for admission to any of the B.Sc. Engineering Degree Program offered by the University must fulfill the following requirements: a) He should have obtained at least 60% marks in examination on the basis of which he seeks admission. Marks for Hafz- e-Quran and entry test where applicable shall be added only for determination of merit. b) He should be a bonafide resident of the area from where he seeks admission. c) He should meet standards of physique and eye-sight laid down in the medical certificate. d) He must have appeared in the Entry Test for Session 2022 arranged by the University of Engineering & Technology Lahore, Pakistan or BZU Test for Session 2022

Merit Determination:

The comparative merit of applicants will be determined on the basis of adjusted admission marks obtained by them in the above examinations. A) For applicant with H.S.S.C. (Pre Engineering Part-1) as the highest qualification: i) H.S.S.C. (Pre Engineering Part-I) or equivalent including Hifz-e- Quran marks. 70% ii) Entry Test marks 30% B) For applicants with B.Sc. as the highest qualification i) B.Sc. Marks 35% ii) H.S.S.C. or equivalent exam including Hifz-e-Quran marks. 35% iii) Entry Test Marks 30% C) For Applicants having Diploma of Associate Engineer as the Highest Qualification i) Diploma of Associate Engineer including Hifz-e-Quran marks 70% ii) Entry Test Marks 30% Criteria may be changed as per approval from online academic committee BZU or further guidelines provided by Honourable Court or PEC on later stage
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