Institute of Advanced Materials

Head of Department: Dr. Waheed Ahmad
Official WhatsApp No.: +92 3007357363
Departmental Student Advisor: Dr. Engr. Waheed Ahmad
Departmental Examination Incharge: Engr. Waqas Ahmad


  Prof. Dr. Waheed Qamar Khan Professor
  Engr. Amir Riaz Assistant Professor
  Dr. Waheed Ahmad Assistant Professor
  Engr. Fauzia Wahid Lecturer
  Engr. Aqsa Amir Lecturer
  Engr. Muhammad Shakeel (On Leave) Lecturer
  Engr. Sarah Jameel Lecturer
  Engr. Humble Khalid Tareen Lecturer
  Engr. Waqas Ahmad Lecturer


Materials Engineering, being one of the most important branches of engineering brings various disciplines of engineering and science closer in fulfilling present day technological requirements. In view of the ever increasing demand for highly qualified manpower in Materials Engineering, the Bahauddin Zakariya University has established

Institute of Advanced Materials to offer quality education and training in this vital area of Engineering.

The institute has been established in a purpose built civil structure which houses lecture rooms, a modern library facility having access to various institutes and research organizations through internet facility. The hallmark of the institute is its laboratories which distinguish it from other institutes. The laboratories have been equipped with most modern and state of the art training and research equipment such as Scanning Electron Microscope, X-ray diffractometer, Thermal analyzer, furnaces for various purposes, and various instruments for testing of engineering materials along with facilities for determining physical and electrical properties of materials. The Labs have been established to prepare its graduates to provide services in sectors such as aerospace, metals and alloys, electrical and electronics, engineering ceramics and industries of strategic importance.

The Institute started its activities by offering 4-year degree program leading to B.Sc. Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. The revised curriculum of this program is so designed as to educate its graduates with various theoretical concepts in Materials Engineering and Technology, along with scientific principles governing designing, processing and applications of materials with a view to meet the needs of student-employer constituencies. The Institute places high degree of emphasis on practical training in relation to theoretical concepts and scientific principles, which is demonstrated by its wellequipped laboratories. The students would find the labs extremely useful in carrying out their research projects, as a part of degree program. Now the Institute has also started M.Sc. in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering.

Programs Offered

The following programs are being offered:

B.S Metallurgy & Materials Engineering

Undergraduate Program
a) He should have obtained at least 60% marks in examination on the basis of which he seeks admission. Marks for Hafz- e-Quran and entry test where applicable shall be added only for determination of merit. b) He should be a bonafide resident of the area from where he seeks admission. c) He should meet standards of physique and eye-sight laid down in the medical certificate. d) He must have appeared in the Entry Test for Session 2022 arranged by the University of Engineering & Technology Lahore, Pakistan or BZU Test for Session 2022

Merit Determination:

The comparative merit of applicants will be determined on the basis of adjusted admission marks obtained by them in the above examinations. A) For applicant with H.S.S.C. (Pre Engineering Part-1) as the highest qualification: i) H.S.S.C. (Pre Engineering Part-I) or equivalent including Hifz-e- Quran marks. 70% ii) Entry Test marks 30% B) For applicants with B.Sc. as the highest qualification i) B.Sc. Marks 35% ii) H.S.S.C. or equivalent exam including Hifz-e-Quran marks. 35% iii) Entry Test Marks 30% C) For Applicants having Diploma of Associate Engineer as the Highest Qualification i) Diploma of Associate Engineer including Hifz-e-Quran marks 70% ii) Entry Test Marks 30% Criteria may be changed as per approval from online academic committee BZU or further guidelines provided by Honourable Court or PEC on later stage

Scheme of Study Link:
Click Here to View/Download Scheme of Study of B.S Metallurgy & Materials Engineering Program
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