Department of Arabic

Head of Department: Dr. Muhammad Abuzar Khalil


  Dr. Muhammad Abuzar Khalil Professor
  Dr. Hafiz Abdul Rahim Professor
  Dr. Azra Parveen Professor
  Dr. Rohma Hafeez Professor
  Dr. Syed Ammar Haider Zaidi Associate Professor
  Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Sarwar Associate Professor
  Mr. Muhammad Anas Lecturer
  Mr. Usama Mahmood Lecturer


The department of Arabic was established in1985. Intially, the department starting in a borrowed building of Government school. But after a short span of time, the department was shifted to the “Language Block” of Bahauddin Zakariya University, main campus in 1986. In the beginning, the department had the qualified faculty members having extended research and teaching experience. At present, is running M.A, BS, M.Phil.and Ph.D. programs along with diploma/short course certificate in spoken Arabic.The students of Arabic department after obtaining their degrees of M.A.BS,M.Phil.And Ph.D. are serving in different works of life all over the country and abroad.

The focus of departmental interest is Arabic Language and literature. Language is considered the custodian of human knowledge. In this context Arabic Language is not only one of the major Languages of the world but it is also considered the treasure house of knowledge produced by Arabic and Muslim civilization through the countries. By teaching Arabic Language in department of Arabic aims to develop inter-- culture inter-regional understanding the growth of human society and human knowledge.

Programs Offered

The following programs are being offered:

BS Arabic

Undergraduate Program
F.A/F.Sc. or equivalent

Merit Determination:

The merit will be determined according to the criteria laid down by the University.

M.A, Arabic

Graduate (MS) Program
. The candidate who holds B.A. degree with Arabic as elective subject (carrying 200 marks) provided that they have secured 45% marks in Arabic as well as in aggregate. b. The candidates who hold the B.A. degree with Arabic as an optional subject (carrying 100 marks) provided that that have secured 45% marks in the subject of Arabic as well as in aggregate. c. The candidates who have passed Fazil Arabic/FazilDars-e- Nizami provided that they have passed B.A. examination with all the required subjects or with English only, secured at least 45% marks in aggregate.

Merit Determination:

According to the University policy.

M.Phil. Arabic

Graduate (MS) Program
As prescribed by HEC admission rules for M.Phil.

Ph.D. Arabic

Graduate (PhD) Program
As prescribed by HEC admission rules for Ph.D

Diploma in Spoken Arabic

Diploma Programs

Diploma in Fahm-e-Quran

Diploma Programs

Diploma in Translation of the Holy Quran (through Whatsapp)

Diploma Programs
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