Centre for Advanced Studies in Pure and Applied Mathematics

Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Khalid Saifullah Syed


  Prof. Dr. Khalid Saifullah Syed Professor
  Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Professor
  Prof. Dr. Imran Javaid Professor
  Prof. Dr. Usman Ali Professor
  Prof. Dr. Mudassar Nazar (On Leave) Professor
  Dr. Faisal Ali Associate Professor
  Dr. Fiza Zafar Associate Professor
  Dr. Syed Ahtsham-ul-Haq Bokhary Associate Professor
  Dr. Muhammad Asif Associate Professor
  Dr. Awais Younus Associate Professor
  Dr. Amjad Ali Assistant Professor
  Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Assistant Professor
  Dr. Shahzad Ahmad Assistant Professor
  Dr. Safia Mirza Assistant Professor
  Dr. Muhammad Athar Kharal Assistant Professor
  Dr. Asfand Fahad (On Leave) Assistant Professor
  Dr. Anam Rani Assistant Professor
  Mrs. Razia Sultana Lecturer
  Dr. Imran Khalid Lecturer


CASPAM envisions to attain heights of excellence through quality academic teaching, learning and research so as to develop individuals, industry and society intellectually, professionally and ethically. CASPAM is working with missionary zeal and zest to advance unification of worldly knowledge of Sciences, Arts, Humanities and other areas of scholarship through high quality inter-disciplinary innovative teaching, learning and research in the fields of Pure, Applied, Computational, Financial and Industrial Mathematics and develop intellectual, expert, professional and ethical human resource necessary for technological development of industry and betterment of society and humanity to realize its motto “Mathematics for Industry, Society and Humanity”.

CASPAM has established a high reputation for its exceptional standards in teaching, research and holistic development. Highly qualified faculty with sound professional and moral values, open, inclusive, competitive, encouraging, supportive and conducive teaching and learning environment, innovative, interactive and technology-based methods of teaching leading to outcome based education, state of the art infrastructure, students councils for developing leadership qualities and soft skills, activities promoting academia-industry linkages, modern and diverse areas of research and strong alumni network have made CASPAM an exceptionally attractive place imparting undergraduate and graduate studies for highly motivated, careeroriented and focused students. CASPAM believes in and endeavors for holistic development of its students and making them creative, innovative and capable of conducting cutting-edge research so that they may effectively play their role in transforming the industry, society and humanity so as to make this world peaceful and comfortable to live in. At CASPAM, we recognize the growing significance of the role of Mathematics, in general, in the present-day world and that of business, industrial, financial and computational Mathematics in particular and its integration with the artificial intelligence (AI), data science, informatics, information technologies, and machine learning for meeting the challenges of industrial revolutions 4.0 and 5.0 and achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs). We offer BS, MS/MPhil and PhD in Mathematics together with these modern areas of knowledge and skills so that our graduates could embark on an exciting journey of exploration, discovery, intellectual growth and personal development, and pursue a career path of their own interest out of the diverse career paths available at CASPAM.

Our study programs focus on critical thinking, applying fundamental concepts, analyzing reallife problems, idea generation, model development, algorithm writing, and solution understanding. Mathematics, alongside tables and graphs, aids in modeling and comprehending problems from various fields. Students not only gain terminology for grasping concepts in science, technology, engineering, business, economics, finance, decision making, and data mining but also learn critical and analytical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and concept generalization. By staying up-to-date with the latest developments in Mathematics, our programs ensure that students are wellprepared to tackle real-world challenges and contribute to the advancement of the discipline. This makes them capable of finding roles such as data scientists, actuaries, business and financial analysts, industrial researchers and problem-solvers in the areas of design, analysis, optimization and automation.


The graduates of CASPAM are serving in different Federal and Provincial Government Departments, Armed Forces, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, Banks, Industry, Corporate Sector and other national and international Financial and Educational Institutions. We have a strong alumni network that can also help our graduates for career advancement.

The Computer Centre at CASPAM serves as a hub for computational research, data analysis, and scientific computing. It is equipped with advanced hardware, software and networking infrastructure to support advanced mathematical modeling, simulation, and analysis. Moreover, we have air-conditioned and capacious classrooms, halls and labs equipped with audio visual aids and internet facility. CASPAM automation system with LMS ensures high quality and efficiently in performing educational and administrative activities.

Programs Offered

The following programs are being offered:

BS Program in Mathematics (Morning & Evening)

Undergraduate Program
ntermediate Examination (Pre-Engineering) or an equivalent examination recognized by the University with Mathematics as an elective subject

BS (5th Semester) (Morning & Evening)

BS (5th Semester) Program
The Applicants for Admission in BS (5th Semester) must fulfill atleast one of the following criteria i) Passed B.A/B.Sc Examination with Mathematics A & B Courses securting atleast 45% marks in each Math course as well as in the aggregate of B.A/B.Sc ii) Passed B.A/B.Sc with general Mathematics course securing atleast 45% marks in the Math course as well as in the aggregate of B.A/B.Sc iii) Passed ADS Examination with Mathematics major iv) Passed ADS Examination with atleast four Mathematics courses that must Include calculus * The Applicants seeking Admission on the basis of the criteria given at S. No. ii) and iv) will have to pass deficincy courses as determined by the Examination Committee of CASPAM.

Merit Determination:

The merit will be determined according to the criteria laid down by the university.

MS/M.Phil. Program in Mathematics

Graduate (MS) Program
M.Sc./BS (4-Year) Mathematics with at least 50% marks under annual system or CGPA 2.5/4.0 or 2.8/5.0 under semester system. ii) Qualify Admission test (As per

Merit Determination:

Merit will be determined according to the criteria laid down by the University.

Ph.D. Program in Mathematics

Graduate (PhD) Program
i) MS/M.Phil. in Mathematics with a minimum CGPA of 3.0/4.0 under (semester system) or First Division (under annual system) or equivalent degree in Physics, Engineering, Economics or Computer Science (with M.Sc./BS Mathematics) with a minimum CGPA of 3.0/4.0 under (semester system) or First Division (under annual system); ii) Qualify Admission test (As per University Policy/GAT (Subject

Merit Determination:

Merit will be determined according to the criteria laid down by the University.
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