Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics DMMG

Head of Department: Dr. Mubashar Aziz
Departmental Student Advisor: Dr. Muhammad Abaid Ullah, Dr. Humera Nazir (Female DSA)
Departmental Examination Incharge: Dr. Humera Nazir

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  Dr. Mubashar Aziz Associate Professor
  Dr. Muhammad Qamar Saeed Assistant Professor
  Dr. Humera Nazir Assistant Professor
  Dr. Muhammad Abaid Ullah Assistant Professor
  Dr. Muzaffar Ali Khan Assistant Professor (OPS)
  Mr. Aqal Zaman Lecturer


Department of Microbiology & Molecular Genetics (DMMG) was initiated in the year 2014 as a division of erstwhile Intitute of Pure & Applied Biology. It has been upgraded to the status of an independent Department in the year 2022. The Department is located in the Biology Building and has dedicated microbial culture facility along with chemical/molecular biological facilities to identify different microorganisms. Basic molecular virology facility is also available. Future research projects of the Department may include but not limited to bioproduction, microbial contaminants of food, Vaccine development, antimicrobial resistance, applications of phages in microbial control and development of viral vectors for gene delivery. Graduates of the department will be accepted in food industry, pharmaceutical and bio fertilizer companies, medical institutions and Govt. regulatory agencies. Furthermore, graduates of DMMG are eligible to apply for various public service commision jobs.

Programs Offered

The following programs are being offered:

BS (4-year)

Undergraduate Program
Intermediate (Pre-medical)

Merit Determination:

According to the University policy.


BS (5th Semester) Program
B.Sc/ADS with Botany, Zoology and Chemistry/Geography/Psychology etc as elective subjects

Merit Determination:

According to the University policy.


Graduate (MS) Program
BS (4-Year) or M.Sc. Microbiology or Equivalent

Merit Determination:

According to the University policy.
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