Department of Environmental Sciences

Head of Department: Prof. Dr. M. Arif Ali


  Prof. Dr. Muhammad Arif Ali Professor
  Dr. Muhammad Dawood Associate Professor
  Dr. Muhammad Nawaz Assistant Professor (OPS)
  Dr. Adeela Altaf Assistant Professor (OPS)
  Ms. Naima Raza (On Leave) Lecturer


Department of Environmental Sciences has been established in June 2010 keeping in view the pivotal importance of this subject in Pakistan. This subject has gathered a high reputation all around the world due to its applied nature. Environmental science is a cosmopolitan subject because it deals with various disciplines like chemistry, physics, botany, zoology, geology, geography, and public health etc. It focuses on the sources, reactions, transport, effects and fate of physical and biological species in the air, water and soil along with the effects of human activity upon these. Air, water, land, and noise pollution constantly imperil quality of life and damage the pristine environment. World today is facing serious environmental crisis, for instance, increase in the heat budget of the earth, depletion of non-renewable resources, air pollution, pollution of surface & ground waters, heavy metal pollution, massive destruction of habitats, deforestation, mining, over-fishing and radiation pollution. Ecosystem of earth is very fragile, and man’s tampering with it may, in the end, make the earth unlivable, not only for man but for all life forms.

Environmental pollution drastically reduces the productivity of plants, and is primarily involved in causing several illnesses to the humans: ranging from breathing disorders, cancer, stomach upset, skin allergies, cardiovascular problems, neurobehavioral ailments, kidney damage, typhoid, hepatitis, and most of the enteric & diarrheal diseases due to transmittance of microorganisms via the contaminated water. Atmospheric climate of major cities of Pakistan is also in grave danger due to unchecked noxious emissions by motor traffic, industries and other sources. Hence, Pakistan is plagued with a multitude of environmental problems that needs urgent attention and appropriate action to save the environment for better tomorrow. Department of Environmental Science herein BZ University, Multan will contribute devoted and skilled manpower to address the environmental problems of the country on scientific grounds. Parallel to research activities, graduates from this discipline will impart their knowledge at graduate and postgraduate levels at various educational institutions of Pakistan and abroard.

Programs Offered

The following programs are being offered:

BS (4-Year) - Morning & Evening

Undergraduate Program
F.Sc (Pre-Medical) & Pre- Engineering with at least 45% marks or A-Level with Biology

MS/M.Phil (Environmental Science)

Graduate (MS) Program
A candidate who has passed BS/M.Sc or equivalent in Environmental Sciences, Biological, Chemical Sciences and Agricultural Sciences from any HEC recognized university is eligible to apply.
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