Department of Livestock and Poultry Production

Head of Department: Dr. Abdul Waheed


  Dr. Abdul Waheed Associate Professor
  Dr. Riaz Hussain Mirza Associate Professor
  Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Ishaq Assistant Professor
  Dr. Abu Bakar Sufyan Assistant Professor
  Dr. Muhammad Jamshed Khan Assistant Professor
  Dr. Asim Faraz Assistant Professor
  Dr. Abdur Rauf Khalid Lecturer
  Mr. Ahsan Fayyaz Lecturer
  Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Azeem Lecturer


Department of Livestock & Poultry Production is a multi-disciplinary compilation of different sections that cover the production aspects of the Veterinary & Animal Sciences. Various sections of the department include:

  • Animal Breeding & Genetics
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Livestock Management
  • Poultry Production
  • Wildlife & Fisheries

This department is engaged in imparting the knowledge of livestock and poultry production and covers all the aspects of management including housing, feeding, breeding, fodder production, record keeping and labour management. The students have been provided the learning opportunities regarding the modern husbandry practices related to dairy animal production, fattening of cattle and buffalo calves, small ruminant (goat and sheep) production, Broiler, Layer & Quail production besides equine production and management.

Animal Breeding & Genetics section furnishes latest knowledge and imparts training to recognize animal genetic resources of Pakistan and to improve the productivity of various livestock species by using the tools of genetics and animal breeding.

Livestock Management section trains the students for efficient management of livestock farms including dairy, fattening, sheep & goat, and stud farms.

Animal Nutrition section accomplishes the training of students in feed formulating for various livestock species, feed resources evaluation and laboratory analysis for the improvement of feeding practices. Poultry Production section provides hands on training to the students through broiler management at a conventional farm and also provides chemical free broiler meat to the community. The section is maintaining a Quail breeding flock. For practical demonstration, a modern fully equipped environmentally controlled layer house (fully automatic feeding, egg collection and removal of fecal material) and a small feed milling unit have also been set up at FVS.

The Wildlife and Fisheries section provides modern knowledge to the students about wild life and commercial fish farming.

Research Group

  • Quantitative genetics and applied biometry
  • Phenotypic camelid characterization

Programs Offered

The following programs are being offered:

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