Directorate of Experimental Livestock Farms

Head of Department: Dr. Mian Muhammad Awais


  Dr. Mian Muhammad Awais Associate Professor
  Dr. Riaz Hussain Mirza Associate Professor
  Dr. Muhammad Jamshed Khan Assistant Professor
  Mr. Ahsan Fayyaz Lecturer


Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, BZUniversity, Multan has established state-of-the-art Experimental Livestock and Poultry Farms under the Directorate of Experimental Livestock Farms for demonstration and hands-on-training of students of DVM, BSc (Hons.) Poultry Science, Livestock Assistant Diploma and other short-term courses. The Farms also serve as an excellent resource for research purpose by Faculty Members and Postgraduate students of different departments of FVS.

Experimental Units

The Experimental Livestock and Poultry Farms have following specialized sections:

  • Experimental Dairy Farm
  • Milking Parlor with Milk Storage Room
  • Fattening Farm
  • Sheep & Goat Farm
  • Stud Farm
  • Camel Shed
  • Aviary and Conventional Poultry Sheds
  • Environment Controlled Poultry House
  • Experimental Feed Milling Unit
  • Experimental Shed equipped with crushes for clinical practices
  • Student Demonstration Shed and Hall
  • Labor Quarters

At Experimental Livestock Farms more than one hundred and fifty heads of experimental animals of different species have been raised for hands-on-training of the students to equip them with all the essential skillsregarding various farm practices to produce quality veterinarians and successfully run the livestock business as an entrepreneurship. Dairy Farming is the most specialized component where students are trained for profitable dairy farming so that they may play their role in the economic growth of the country by employing emerging and innovative technologies to uplift the dairy industry. Rearing the male calves for beef production and economical use of resources for fattening of surplus calves is another important area for the training of students. Equine and camel handling and rearing, specially horses, is one of the main focus of DVM students. The small ruminants (sheep and goat) section has been fully established for demonstration of various husbandry practices as per international standards to enhance the mutton production in the country. Fodder is the most essential requirement for any livestock rearing facility and training of students regarding production of various perennial and seasonal fodder crops for feeding of experimental animals is one of the main targets of this directorate. For the purpose, an area of 12 acres has been allocated around the farms on which students are trained about sowing and cultivation of different foddersto meet the feeding requirements of different animals. Additionally, an area of 5 acres has also been developed as a pasture for grazing of experimental animals. The Farm has been fully mechanized in terms of agricultural machinery including tractor, hydraulic trolleys, fodder cutter, milking machine, cultivators, rotavator, rear blades and ditcher etc. Poultry farming has been shifted from conventional to modern environment-controlled poultry housing systems. For this purpose, a fully automated state-of-the-art environmentcontrolled poultry house has been developed for rearing of laying hens. It is very helpful for the training of students of BSc (Hons.) Poultry Science in addition to the students of DVM for rearing of poultry birds on modern lines with minimal losses and high profitability. A focus on feed processing and production is another important aspect of DVM and BSc (Hons.) Poultry Science degree programs. A feed milling unit with feed mixing capacity of 0.5 ton per batchhas also been installed at Directorate of Experimental Livestock Farms for this purpose.

Programs Offered

The following programs are being offered:

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