Dr. Sarah Bukhari

Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology

Dr. Sarah Bukhari


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Research Papers

2022 Computational Analysis of Heat shock Protein 27 (HSP27) from different source organisms (Journal Paper)
Afzal, Urwa, Sarah Bukhari, Muhammad Tariq Pervez, and Naeem Aslam
Publisher: , Vol.: , Issue: Pages: ,
2022 An Efficient Methodology for the Classification of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Using Transfer Learning (Journal Paper)
Younas, Hafiza Iqra, Sarah Bukhari, Fatima Bukhari, Naeem Aslam, Hafiz Muhammad Sanaullah Badar, and Nadeem Iqbal Kajla
Publisher: , Vol.: 1 , Issue: 4 Pages: 236-250 ,
2021 Role of hybrid deep neural networks (HDNNs), computed tomography, and chest X-rays for the detection of COVID-19 (Journal Paper)
Irfan, Muhammad, Muhammad Aksam Iftikhar, Sana Yasin, Umar Draz, Tariq Ali, Shafiq Hussain, Sarah Bukhari et al.
Publisher: , Vol.: 6 , Issue: 18 Pages: ,
2021 An Optimal Scheme for UWSAN of Hotspots Issue Based on Energy-Efficient Novel Watchman Nodes. Wireless Personal Communications (Journal Paper)
Draz, Umar, Tariq Ali, Sana Yasin, Sarah Bukhari, Muhammad Salman Khan, Mohammed Hamdi, Saifur Rahman, Low Tang Jung, and Amjad Ali
Publisher: , Vol.: , Issue: 121 Pages: 69-94 ,
2021 A novel layer by layer energy efficient watchman algorithm for wireless sensor and actor networks. (Journal Paper)
Draz, Umar, Tariq Ali, Sana Yasin, Aamir Hussain, Sarah Bukhari, Asif Nawaz, Amjad Ali, Muhammad Salman Khan, and Low Tang Jung
Publisher: , Vol.: , Issue: 24 Pages: 284-298 ,
2020 The use of facebook by international students for information-seeking in Malaysia: a social network analysis (Journal Paper)
Bukhari, Sarah, Suraya Hamid, Sri Devi Ravana, Sherah Kurnia, Shanton Chang, Azah Anir Norman, and Norjihan Abdul Ghani
Publisher: , Vol.: 3 , Issue: 70 Pages: 251-268 ,
2018 Modelling the information-seeking behaviour of international students in their use of social media in Malaysia (Journal Paper)
Bukhari, Sarah, Suraya Hamid, Sri Devi Ravana, and Mohamad Taha Ijab
Publisher: , Vol.: 4 , Issue: 23 Pages: ,
2016 Role of social media in information-seeking behaviour of international students: A systematic literature review (Journal Paper)
Hamid, Suraya, Sarah Bukhari, Sri Devi Ravana, Azah Anir Norman, and Mohamad Taha Ijab
Publisher: , Vol.: 5 , Issue: 68 Pages: 643-666 ,


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