Dr. Muhammad Dawood

Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences

Dr. Muhammad Dawood

Ph.D. Post-doctorate

Research Interests:
Ecotoxicology, Bioremediation, Environmental Degradation, Risk Assessment

Email Address:

Other Information:

Research Papers

2023 Microbes-assisted phytoremediation of lead and petroleum hydrocarbons contaminated water by water hyacinth (Research Paper)
Ali, M. H., Muzaffar, A., Khan, M. I., Farooq, Q., Tanvir, M. A., Dawood, M., Hussain, M. I.
Journal: International Journal of Phytoremediation, Publisher: International Journal of Phytoremediation, Vol.: httpsdoi.org10.108015226514.2023.2245905, Issue: Pages: 1-11,
2023 Characteristics of physicochemical properties, structure and in vitro digestibility of seed starches from five loquat cultivars (Research Paper)
Kong, X., Yang, W., Zuo, Y., Dawood, M., He, Z.
Journal: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, Publisher: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, Vol.: 253, Issue: Pages: 126675,
2023 Natural and artificial green infrastructure GI for sustainable resilient cities A scientometric analysis (Research Paper)
Zahoor, A., Xu, T., Wang, M., Dawood, M., Afrane, S., Li, Y., Chen, J., Mao, G.
Journal: Environmental Impact Assessment Review, Publisher: Environmental Impact Assessment Review, Vol.: 101 , Issue: Pages: 107139.,
2023 The co-application of bioslurry and compost with inorganic zinc fertilizer improved soil quality, zinc uptake, and growth of maize crop (Research Paper)
Gondal, A. H., Khan, M. I., Cheema, S. A., Hussain, M. I., Ali, B., Nawaz, M., ... Murtaza, G.
Journal: Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Publisher: Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Vol.: 16, Issue: 6 Pages: 393,
2023 Evaluation of phytoremediation potential and resistance of Gladiolus grandiflora L. against cadmium stress (Research Paper)
Bukhari, S. A. Q., Nawaz, A., Dawood, M.
Journal: Environmental Geochemistry and Health, Publisher: Environmental Geochemistry and Health, Vol.: 45, Issue: Pages: 5231-5244,
2022 A review on biochar, its physicochemical properties and capacity to reduce the toxicity of heavy metals in soil (Research Paper)
Dad K, Nawaz M, Dawood M, Hassan R, Nawaz H, Javed K, Zou G and Zhao F
Journal: Bioscience Research, Publisher: Bioscience Research, Vol.: 19, Issue: 1 Pages: 118-130,
2021 Nanoscale Zerovalent Iron Based Moderation of Chromium Stress in Tomato Seedlings is Related with Induced Antioxidants and Suppressed Cr Uptake (Research Paper)
Batool, S. I., Dawood, M., Nawaz, M., Malik, Z.
Journal: International Journal of Innovative Approaches in Agricultural Research, Publisher: International Journal of Innovative Approaches in Agricultural Research, Vol.: , Issue: Pages: ,


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