Prof. Dr. Muhammad Arif Ali

Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Arif Ali

Ph.D. France, Post-doc(s). Switzerland & USA

Research Interests:
Ecosystem Functioning, Soil Biodiversity, Environment, Mycorrhizae, Soil-Plant-Microbial Relationships, Soil Microbiology, Mineral Nutrient Cycling, Soil Enzymes

Email Address:

Other Information:
FCS Award Switzerland, Fulbright Award USA, HEC approved supervisor, HEC master trainer


Research Papers

2023 Physiological and biochemical determinants of drought tolerance in tetraploid vs diploid sour orange citrus rootstock (Research Paper)
Hussain S., Sohail H., Noor I., Ahmad S., Ejaz S., Ali M.A., Haider S.T., Sohail M., Jaffer H., Ercisli S., Morillon R., Khalid M.F.
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2023 Unlocking the secrets of soil microbes How decades-long contamination and heavy metals accumulation from sewage water and industrial effluents shape soil biological health (Research Paper)
Haider I Ali M.A. Sanaullah M. Ahmed N. Hussain S. Shakeel M.T. Naqvi S.A.H Dar J.S. Moustafa M. Alshaharni M.O.
Journal: Chemosphere, Publisher: ScienceDirect, Vol.: 342, Issue: Pages: 140193,
2023 Effect of soil and foliar applied micronutrient consortia on alleviation of micronutrient deficiency in kinnow Citrus sinensis L. (Research Paper)
Ahmed N. Hussain G.S. Hussain S. Hussain R. Ahmad I. Iqbal J. Farooqi M.H. Mubashir M. Moustafa M. Ali M.A.
Journal: Pakistan Journal of Botany , Publisher: Pakistan Journal of Botany , Vol.: 55SI DOI httpdx.doi.org10.30848PJB2023-SI8, Issue: Pages: ,
2023 Change in lettuce nutrients soil enzymes soil microbial biomass and activities under chromium toxicity. (Research Paper)
Haider I. Ali M.A. Sanaullah M.
Journal: Pakistan Journal of Botany , Publisher: Pakistan Journal of Botany , Vol.: 55SI DOI httpdx.doi.org10.30848PJB2023-SI10, Issue: Pages: ,
2023 Growth and yield of rice under variable application methods of zinc with and without arbuscular mycorrhizae in normal and saline soils (Research Paper)
Mehmood H. Ali M.A. Hussain S
Journal: Pakistan Journal of Botany , Publisher: Pakistan Journal of Botany , Vol.: 55SI DOI httpdx.doi.org10.30848PJB2023-SI1, Issue: Pages: ,
2023 Disaster Impacts on Soils and Their Management (Book Chapter)
Ilyas F. Haider I. Aon M. Ahmed N. Arshad M. Hussain S. Ali M.A.
Journal: Disaster Risk Reduction in Agriculture. Disaster Resilience and Green Growth-In Ahmed M. Ahmad S. eds, Publisher: Springer Singapore. , Vol.: , Issue: httpsdoi.org10.1007978-981-99-1763-15. Pages: ,
2022 Seed priming alleviates salt stress in two Fenugreek Trigonella Foenum-Graecum L. cultivars. (Research Paper)
Hussain S. Asif H.M. Ahmad S. Ali M.A. Ejaz S. Abbas T. Haider S. Ercisli S. Ahmed T. Sohail M. Khalid M.
Journal: Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture, Publisher: Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture, Vol.: 34, Issue: Pages: ,
2022 Synchronization of arbuscular mycorrhizae fungi inoculation with different zinc application methods for improvement in BASMATI rice growth and yield in alkaline calcareous soil (Research Paper)
Mehmood H. Ali M.A. Hussain S. Baig K.S. Farooq U. Ajmal M. Naqvi A.A.H. Sultan H. Datta R. Dar J.S. Alhomaidi E. Danish S.
Journal: Journal of King Saud University Science, Publisher: ScienceDirect, Vol.: 34, Issue: 5 Pages: ,
2022 Synchronisation of zinc application rates with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and phosphorus to maximise wheat growth and yield in zinc-deficient soil. (Research Paper)
Ilyas F. Ali M. A. Abdulaah M. Ahmed N. Hussain S. Bilal M. Arshad M. Danish S. Ghoneim A. M. Ilyas A. Akram A. Fahad S. Ansari M. J. Datta R.
Journal: Crop Pasture Science, Publisher: CSIRO Publishing, Vol.: httpsdoi.org10.1071CP21042, Issue: Pages: ,
2022 Mitigation of lead Pb toxicity in rice cultivated with either ground water or wastewater by application of acidified carbon (Research Paper)
Ahmed N. Ehsan A. Danish S. Ali M.A. Fahad S. Dawar K. Taban S. Aka H. Shah A.A. Ansari M.J. Babur E. Uslu O.S. Datta R. Glick. B.R.
Journal: Journal of Environmental Management, Publisher: ScienceDirect, Vol.: 307, Issue: Pages: 114521 ,
2022 Correlation of soil characteristics and citrus leaf nutrients contents in current scenario of Layyah district (Research Paper)
Ahmad N. Hussain S. Ali M.A. Minhas A. Waheed W. Danish S. Fahad S. Ghafoor U. Baig K.S. Sultan H. Hussain M.I. Ansari M.J. Marfo T.D. Datta R.
Journal: Horticulturae, Publisher: MDPI., Vol.: 8161, Issue: httpsdoi.org10.3390horticulturae801006 Pages: ,
2022 Mycorrhiza and phosphate solubilizing bacteria potential bioagents for sustainable phosphorus management in agriculture (Research Paper)
Wahid F. Sharif M. Fahad S. Ali A. Adnan M. Rafiullah Saud S Danish S. Ali M.A. Ahmed N. Arslan H. Arslan D. Erman M. EL Sabagh A. Gholizadeh F. Datta R.
Journal: Phyton International Journal of Botany, Publisher: Tech Science Press TSP, Vol.: 91, Issue: 2 Pages: ,
2022 Effect of zinc on chlorophyll contents gas exchange attributes and zinc concentration in rice (Research Paper)
Ahmed N. Hussain H.Z. Ali M.A. Rahi A.A. Saleem M. Ahmad F.
Journal: Pakistan Journal of Botany , Publisher: Pakistan Journal of Botany , Vol.: 541, Issue: httpdx.doi.org10.30848PJB2022-114 Pages: ,
2021 Formalin fumigation and steaming of various composts differentially influence the nutrient release growth and yield of muskmelon Cucumis melo L. (Research Paper)
Mustafa G. Ali M.A. Smith D. Masood S. Qayyum M.F. Ahmed N. Rehman A. Ahmad S. Hussain S. Arshad M. Muneer S. Khan A.H.A. Fahad S. Datta R. Iqbal M. Schwinghamer T.D.
Journal: Scientific Reports, Publisher: Nature Journal, Vol.: 11 , Issue: Pages: 21057,


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