Dr. Tauqeer Safdar

Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology

Dr. Tauqeer Safdar

PhD-IT (Malaysia)

Research Interests:
Computer & Wireless Networks • Cyber Security / Network Security / Information Security • IoT • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning • Information & Communication Technologies • Emergent Information Technology

Email Address:

Other Information:
• HEC Approved Supervisor

Research Papers

2023 Artistic Style Recognition: Combining Deep and Shallow Neural Networks for Painting Classification (Journal Paper)
Saqib I., Rizwan A. N., Muhammad S., Tauqeer S. Malik, Saif U., Syed A. M., Dong K. Y.
Publisher: MDPI , Vol.: 11, Issue: 22 Pages: 4564 ,
2023 An Efficient and Secure Fog Based Routing Mechanism in IoT Network (Journal Paper)
Tauqeer S. Malik, Jawad T., Shahid A., Muhammad R. M., Humaira A., Ajung K.
Journal: Mathematics, Publisher: MDPI , Vol.: 11 , Issue: 17 Pages: 1-18,
2023 Automated Brain Hemorrhage Classification and Volume Analysis (Journal Paper)
Maryam W., Muhammad M., Tauqeer S. Malik, Mohammad E., Adil F., Abdulmohsen A., Rizwan A. N.
Journal: Computers Materials Continua, Publisher: Tech Science Press, Vol.: 75, Issue: 1 Pages: 2283-2299 ,
2023 RL-IoT: Reinforcement Learning-Based Routing Approach for Cognitive Radio-Enabled IoT Communications (Journal Paper)
Tauqeer S. Malik, Kaleem R. M., Ayesha A., Muhammad I., Lei W., Houbing S., Nadir S.
Journal: IEEE INTERNET OF THINGS JOURNAL, Publisher: IEEE, Vol.: 10, Issue: 2 Pages: 1836-1847 ,
2022 An Efficient Algorithm to Enhance Non-Overlapping Coverage Area with Less Energy Consumption in WSN (Journal Paper)
Muhammad R. M., Aqeel A., Humaira A., Tauqeer S. Malik, Humera B. G.,
Publisher: HINDAWI, Vol.: , Issue: 2022 Pages: 1-12 ,
2022 Sign Capture to Sentence Formation: A Real Time Solution for Deaf People (Journal Paper)
Muhammad, S.,Muhammad, K., Babar, A., Tauqeer, S.Malik, Mehdi H., Mohd H.H., Norshakirah A.
Journal: Computers Materials Continua, Publisher: Tech Science Press, Vol.: 72, Issue: 2 Pages: 2501-2519 ,
2022 Comparison of Blackhole and Wormhole Attacks in Cloud MANET Enabled IoT for Agricultural Field Monitoring (Journal Paper)
Tauqeer S. Malik, Muhammad N. S., Muhammad M., Kaleem R. M., Song S. and Junhao W.
Publisher: HINDAWI , Issue: 2022 Pages: 1-18 ,
2022 Windows 10’s Browser Forensic Analysis for Tracing P2P Networks’ Anonymous Attacks (Journal Paper)
Saima, K., Tauqeer, S. Malik, Mohd H. H., Emelia A.P.A., Syed, M.H.K.,
Journal: Computers Materials Continua, Publisher: Tech Science Press, Vol.: 72, Issue: 1 Pages: 1251-1273 ,
2022 Non-Cooperative Learning based Routing for 6G-IoT Cognitive Radio Network (Journal Paper)
Tauqeer, S. Malik, Kaleem, R.M., Muhammad, S., Mohd Hilmi H., Norshakira
Journal: Intelligent Automation and Soft Computing, Publisher: Tech Science Press, Vol.: 33, Issue: 2 Pages: 809-824 ,
2022 Deep Learning Approach for Automatic Microaneurysms Detection (Journal Paper)
Muhammad M., Tauqeer S. Malik, Shaukat H., Musab H., Song S., Junhao W.
Publisher: MDPI , Vol.: 2 , Issue: 542
2022 Efficient Joint Key Authentication Model in E-Healthcare (Journal Paper)
Muhammad S., Tauqeer S. Malik, Shahzada K., Akber A. G., Mohammed B., Habib H., Muhammad S., Jin-Ghoo C.
Journal: Computers Materials Continua, Publisher: Tech Science Press, Vol.: 71, Issue: 2 Pages: 2739 – 2753 ,
2021 E-Learning Development Based on Internet of Things and Blockchain Technology during COVID-19 Pandemic (Journal Paper)
Amir M. R., Rizwan A. N., Mazhar H. M., Tauqeer S. M., Mahyar S., Mehdi H., Ali Al-Musawi
Publisher: MDPI , Vol.: 24 , Issue: 9
2021 Using Data Mining Technique to Measure the Impact of COVID-19 1st Wave on the Stock Market of Top Fifteen Affected Countries (Journal Paper)
Zubair, A., Kaleem, R., Farah, M., Farhad, H., Ghulam I.,Tauqeer, S. Malik,
Journal: Lahore Garrison University Research Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology, Publisher: Lahore Garrison University Lahore, Vol.: 5, Issue: 2 Pages: 13-19,
2021 A Real-Time Automatic Translation of Text to Sign Language (Journal Paper)
Muhammad, S., Babar, A., Muhammad, K., Tauqeer, S. Malik, Hasan, M.H. and Norshakirah, A.
Journal: Computers Materials Continua, Publisher: Tech Science Press, Vol.: 70, Issue: 2 Pages: 2471-2488 ,
2021 Performance Analysis of Blackhole and Wormhole Attack in MANET Based IoT (Conference / Worksho)
Nasir, M., Tauqeer, S. Malik, Kaleem, R. M.,
Publisher: IEEE ,
2021 Lockdown Strategy to Control Covid-19 Pandemic Using Automata (Conference / Worksho)
Shagufta J., Tauqeer S. Malik, Ahsan A.,
Publisher: IEEE ,
2020 Reinforcement Learning-Based Routing Protocol to Minimize Channel Switching and Interference for Cognitive Radio Networks (Journal Paper)
Tauqeer, S. Malik, Hasan, M. H.
Journal: Complexity, Publisher: HINDAWI , Vol.: 2020, Issue: Pages: 1-24,
2020 Urbanization Change Analysis based on SVM and RF Machine Learning Algorithms (Journal Paper)
Farhad H. Tauqeer S. Malik Ghulam I. Aman Ullah K. Syed M. H. K. Farah M.
Journal: International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, Publisher: The Science and Information Organization, Vol.: 11, Issue: 5 Pages: 591-601 ,
2020 Educational Data Mining: A Review and Analysis of Student’s Academic Performance (Journal Paper)
Ijaz, S., Tauqeer, S. malik, Sanaullah, M.,
Publisher: Springer , Issue: 1198 Pages: 510- 523 ,
2020 Challenges and Limitation of Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing (Journal Paper)
Ijaz, S., Tauqeer, S. Malik, Khan, A.
Publisher: Springer , Vol.: , Issue: 1198 Pages: 723-737 ,
2017 Minimizing the Channel Switching Events for QoS-Based Routing in Cognitive Radio Ad-Hoc Network (Journal Paper)
Tauqeer, S., Halabi, H.
Journal: Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology , Publisher: JATIT and LLS , Vol.: 95, Issue: 7 Pages: 1370-1380 ,
2015 Effect of Reinforcement Learning on Routing of Cognitive Radio Ad-Hoc Networks (Conference / Worksho)
Tauqeer, S. Malik, Halabi, H., Maaz, R.
Publisher: IEEE , Vol.: , Issue: Pages: 42-49 ,
2014 Interference-Aware Routing in Cognitive Radio Ad-Hoc Networks: Challenges and Research Directions (Journal Paper)
Tauqeer, S. Malik, Halabi, H.
Vol.: 2 , Issue: 3 Pages: 74-82 ,
2012 The Effect of User and Channel Interferences on QoS Routing in Cognitive Radio Ad-Hoc Network (Conference / Worksho)
Tauqeer, S. Malik, Halabi, H.
Publisher: IEEE , Vol.: , Issue: Pages: 42-45 ,


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