International Admissions

The prospective international students are required to send their applications on prescribed Application Form for admission in the desired program to be designed by the admission office of the University, directly to the professor based on his/her area of specialization, publication record, laboratory facilities, international exposure and professional standing in research and academics, by an email provided in his/her CV available at the website under the relevant link.

The professor after initial scrutiny of the candidate’s qualification and relevance to the disciplines, he/she is applying for, will guide the prospective student to submit his/her application complete in all respects to the professor.

On the basis of the information and relevant documentation provided by the aspiring student, the professor may either reject the application at the outset or accept it for further processing suggesting the applicant to submit a formal application to the University with complete documentation to meet the University’s admission requirements. The professor accepting a student at Master and/or Doctoral level will also act as the applicant’s research supervisor.

Since the application process may involve scrutiny and verification of applicant’s documents followed by the clearance from relevant offices/ministries therefore ample time may be needed for this purpose. Given that the verifications and clearance are received without any observation, the Departmental Admission Committee following verifications and clearance may issue its recommendations which may be notified as provisional admission letter.

Two letters of reference in English language, with at least one from an academic advisor/ tutor, and the other from an employer/sponsor/guardian who can vouch applicant’s suitability for graduate studies, are to be considered an integral part of the application procedure. The reference letters need to be type written on official stationery with clear identification of the name, designation, mailing address and email address, etc. of the referees.

A candid research proposal entailing a potential research question has to be asked for as a part of application. Furthermore, the research proposal submitted by the prospective international candidate may be vetted by the synopsis evaluation committee of the relevant department. A letter of intent and research interests hinting at the aptitude of the applicant for pursuing M.Phil. or PhD studies may also be demanded. Furthermore, admission application has to be critically looked into before further processing with respect to degree equivalence/relevance, IBCC certificates if applicable, performance in the formal interview by Departmental Admission Committee including prospective supervisor. In view of the expected delays in the processing of admission application at various stages, it is advisable that the application process may be initiated during the months of January and June for the Fall and Spring sessions respectively.

All applications for admission will be handled at levels by the professor/supervisor concerned. No direct communication of the admission office will take place to avoid misconception and delays in matters relevant to admission.

Study Visa

Obtaining a study visa from Pakistani High Commission to stay and study in Pakistan for the whole residency period is the sole responsibility of the applicant and University may only support the applicant’s application for visa in terms of supplying admission related information and documentation.
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